Holy Tea

Holy Tea
is a good-tasting, gentle, safe, all-natural tea with medicinal herb ingredients and enzymes which help remove toxins and provide relief from many health issues.
Thousands of users achieved weight loss and removed inches from their belly simply by drinking
Dr. Miller's
Holy Tea

Holy Tea Ingredients

"Based on a Medicinal Herb Called Holy Thistle  Used For 2000 Years, This Colon-Cleansing Detox Tea Has Been Used Successfully For Over 20 Years."

Photo of Holy Thistle, also known as Milk Thistle, a Holy Tea ingredient.

Holy Tea Tastes Great and is Easy To Use. Just Drink Two 8-ounce Cups per Day.

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Dr. Miller's
Holy Tea

if you have:
Allergies, Skin Ailments, Body Odor, Heartburn, Acid Reflux, Gas, Bloated Belly, Cramps, Flatulence, Indigestion, IBS, Chronic Constipation.
Or need:
Laxatives, Colon Cleanse, a Detox, Weight Loss, More Energy.
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Holy Tea

Holy Tea
contain NO stimulants, caffeine, sugar, harmful chemicals, or pesticides.
It is made from the finest quality ingredients found in Nature.
Holy Tea is gentle, easy to use, proven to work, and very affordable.

Who Uses Holy Tea?

Watch the Holy Tea online movie and listen to the personal messages from Dr. Miller and his grateful users.

Dr. Miller's Holy Tea was formulated by Dr. Bill Miller (Ph.D. Nutritional Science) of Tennessee, USA. It is a unique herbal blend of safe, all-natural ingredients designed to gently cleanse the digestive tract and detoxify the body. Holy Tea is a white tea, a green tea, a weight loss tea, and a great-tasting herbal tea - all wrapped up in each unbleached tea bag. But, most of all, Holy Tea is a healing tea. Remarkable things happen when you drink Holy Tea every day. It is gentle, yet surprisingly powerful as a colon cleanse, Candida cleanse, parasite cleanse, and whole body detoxifier. You probably won't need any more laxatives, antacids, stool softeners, acne creams and many other potions and lotions after you start drinking Holy Tea each day

Kim Creasey of Lexington, TN, lost 100 pounds in 10 months with Dr. Miller's Holy Tea, entered a beauty contest and was selected over girls 15 years younger. The name "Holy Tea" is taken from the traditional name of one of its effective ingredients, a widely-used medicinal herb known as Holy Thistle, and is not intended to imply any religious significance - although grateful users who experienced remarkable health improvements after taking Holy Tea often thank God for this gift of healing! Some want to call it a "miracle tea", but this slimming tea is really just a special blend of high-quality herbs, tested and refined over 20 years of use in Dr. Miller's health clinics. This secret blend of safe, natural ingredients produces fast and effective results that no imitator has been able to copy.

Holy Tea Ingredients

The Holy Tea ingredients are a special blend of high-quality, pesticide-free, safe, natural, edible herbs. Full descriptions of the ingredients are found below, but here is a short list of the natural herbs contained in each bag of Holy Tea:

Holy Thistle | Persimmon leaf | Malva leaf | Marsh Mallow leaf | Blessed Thistle

Botanical names of the Holy Tea ingredients:

Silybum marianum | Diospyros virginiana | Malva verticillata | Althaea officinalis | Carduus benedictus

It is the special enzymes that allow the gentle cleansing of the whole body with continued use. All the enzymes that used to give us colon health have been destroyed with modern processing of foods and pasteurization of dairy products. Now we can get back to enjoying perfect colon health!

To preserve the natural enzymes and the effectiveness of the herbal ingredients, DO NOT MICROWAVE the Holy Tea bags or the water used to make your Holy Tea. Do not subject the herbal ingredients to excessive heat that could destroy the essential enzymes. Make your Holy Tea with water that has come to a full boil, then remove the heat and let the boiling stop before adding the tea bags.

Holy Thistle
Holy Thistle (Silybum marianum) supports the liver in the release of toxins. Holy Thistle has been used medicinally for over 2000 years, most commonly for the treatment of liver disorders such as jaundice, and gallbladder disorders; but also for lactation problems, disorders of the spleen, psoriasis, and mushroom poisoning. It has recently been used by HIV-positive patients to protect the liver from diseases such as hepatitis and damage from the drugs taken for HIV or AIDS. A flavonoid in the fruit called Silymarin (with its most active beneficial component called Silibinin or Silybin) is a powerful antioxidant, and may also protect the cells of the liver by blocking the entrance of harmful toxins and helping remove the toxins from the liver cells. Silymarin has also been shown to regenerate injured liver cells. It stimulates liver and gallbladder activity and may have a temporary mild laxative effect in some people. Products with Holy Thistle as main ingredient are popular in Europe and the United States for various types of liver disease, being able to counteract the harmful actions of alcohol on the liver (cirrhosis), and helping the liver return to a healthy state when an alcoholic stops drinking. Some clinical trials with Silymarin indicate that it may improve quality of life and even increase life expectancy in patients with cirrhosis of the liver. Holy Thistle is believed to have great power in the purification and circulation of the blood, and is such a good blood purifier that drinking a cup of Holy Thistle tea twice a day is believed to cure chronic headaches. It is also used for stomach and digestive problems, gas in the intestines, and constipation relief. It is very effective for dropsy, strengthens the heart, and is good for the liver, lungs, and kidneys. It was claimed that warm Holy Thistle tea given to mothers will produce a good supply of milk, which led to this thistle being called by another name: Milk Thistle. Holy Thistle is also said to be good for girls entering womanhood, as a good tonic. The leaves and stems of Holy Thistle are used in Europe as ingredients in making a green salad.

Persimmon Leaf
Persimmon (Diospyros kaki) originated in China and has been grown for over 1000 years in Japan, which is the leading producer today. A similar variety of the Persimmon fruit (Diospyros virginiana) grows in the Eastern USA and is called Pawdad. The tannins and flavonoids in Persimmon leaves have anti-hypertensive, anti-carcinogenic, and anti-mutagenic properties. The leaf also acts as a mild laxative, is antihemorrhagic (stops bleeding), is an effective remedy for hemorrhoids, and strengthens weak blood vessels such as spider veins or varicose veins. Persimmon leaf extract and its major flavonoid constituent, astragalin, when taken orally, acts as a natural antihistamine which inhibits the release of histamine and thus helps reduce allergic reactions. It relieves the symptoms of dermatitis, with less inflammation and thickening of the skin, and less water loss which can lead to dry skin. It may also act as a dermatitis preventive. An allergy preventive food or an itching preventive food with Persimmon leaves or an extract of Persimmon leaf as an ingredient, or a cosmetic composition containing Persimmon leaf extract, has the action of improving rough skin conditions due to allergies, or alleviating itching. The astringent raw Persimmon fruit is used for constipation relief, gastro-intestinal irritation, dysentery, chronic diarrhea, ulceration of the bowel and stomach, catarrh of the rectum and colon, hemorrhoids, and to stop bleeding. Studies have shown that compounds in Persimmon leaves bind to excess fat and help remove fat from the body.

Malva Leaf (also called Chinese Mallow and Dong Kui)
The Malva or Chinese Mallow plant (Malva verticillata) is a member of the Malvaceae family which also includes the Marsh Mallow and the Hibiscus. The leaves have a mild and very pleasant flavor. Malva has been cultivated in China for over 2,500 years, and is now cultivated in some countries of Europe as an ingredient in green salads. Malva seed contains mucilage, polysaccharides and flavonoids. In traditional medicine, the Malva leaf was often made into a tea to sooth the membranes of the digestive system. Malva is a demulcent (the mucilage soothes and softens irritated tissues, especially the mucus membranes), a mild diuretic, an emollient (softens the skin), a galactogogue (increases milk flow in nursing mothers), and a mild laxative (a gentle stimulant of the bowels). Malva Leaf teas are used in the treatment of renal disorders, the retention of fluids, frequent thirst, and diarrhea. Malva Leaf has been used to treat stomach ache, gastroenteritis, irritable bowel, and conditions of the spleen. The Chinese use Malva Leaf as an expectorant and as a demulcent gargle to soothe a sore throat. It can also soothe a bronchial irritation in persons with bronchitis or emphysema. (Beware of Chinese Mallow teas which also have Senna or Cassia angustifolia as an ingredient. Senna is a strong and harsh laxative that should only be taken occasionally because it can create bowel dependency, stomach cramps and headaches. The safe Chinese Mallow leaf is added to soothe its effects. The ingredients of Dr. Miller's Holy Tea do NOT include Senna or Cassia.)

Marsh Mallow (also known as Sweetweed)
The Marsh Mallow or Marshmallow (Althaea officinalis) was used in ancient Greece to remedy bruises and bleeding, and as a mild laxative. It was used in medieval Europe for indigestion and diarrhea. The Marsh Mallow root or leaf was traditionally used to soothe and support the intestines. It is rich in calcium, zinc, iron, sodium, iodine, vitamin B complex, and pantothenic acid. Herbs high in mucilage, such as Marsh Mallow and Malva Leaf (of the same family), are often helpful for symptomatic relief of coughs and irritated throats. Mallow has expectorant and demulcent properties, which accounts for this herb's historical use as a remedy for the respiratory tract, particularly in cases of irritating coughs with bronchial congestion. Marsh Mallow root and, to a lesser extent, Marsh Mallow leaf both contain significant percentages of mucilage, a natural gummy substance that does not dissolve in water. Like other mucilage-containing substances, Marsh Mallow swells up and becomes slick when it is exposed to fluids. The resulting slippery material coats the linings of the mouth, throat, and stomach to relieve irritation and control coughing associated with respiratory conditions such as smoker's cough. For example, Marsh Mallow has been used to treat sore throats and to alleviate heartburn, and was originally the main ingredient in making a candy-like medicinal lozenge. Marsh Mallow may also have mild anti-infective, immune-boosting, and diuretic properties. In the British Herbal Compendium the use of Marsh Mallow is listed for gastroenteritis, peptic and duodenal ulcers, colitis, and enteritis. Topically, Marsh Mallow is used to soothe and soften irritated skin, and as a remedy for cuts, wounds, abscesses, boils, burns, and varicose veins. The edible leaves are used as an ingredient in green salads in France.

Blessed Thistle
Blessed Thistle (Cnicus benedictus or Carduus benedictus) has been used in traditional medicine as far back as the early sixteenth century as an appetite stimulant, astringent, blood purifier, choleretic (bile flow stimulant), diaphoretic (sweat stimulant), digestion enhancement, diuretic (increasing urine), expectorant, fever reducer, memory improver, menstrual flow stimulant, and salivation stimulant. It was cultivated in monastery gardens in Europe as a cure for smallpox and is named in honor of St. Benedict, the founder of a holy order of monks. It is still used as a flavoring ingredient in their Benedictine liqueur. Shakespeare mentioned "distilled Carduus benedictus" in his stage play, Much Ado About Nothing. Blessed Thistle has been used for smallpox, malaria, fever, anorexia, dyspepsia, indigestion, chronic constipation, and flatulence. More recently studies have shown it to be useful for indigestion, heartburn, and poor appetite. Blessed Thistle helps increase appetite in people with digestion or eating disorders such as anorexia (but does not increase the appetite of normal people). In herbal medicine, Blessed Thistle is used for cancer, infections, inflammation, gallbladder disease, jaundice, liver disorders, cervical dysplasia, heart ailments, skin ulcers, yeast infection, and diarrhea. Though it has also been used traditionally to stimulate breast milk flow, Blessed Thistle should not be confused with a different milk-stimulating plant called Milk Thistle or Holy Thistle (Silybum marianum) (which is another ingredient of Dr. Miller's Holy Tea).

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Holy Tea may also be used as an element in any Weight Loss Program and is much more effective than Chinese Tea, Oolong Tea, Red Rooibos Tea, or Green Tea. Just drinking Holy Tea regularly often results in a reduction in the amount of stored fat in the body, and a significant reduction in the size of the abdomen or belly. For some people, the weight loss has been achieved quickly and rather dramatically (see the Testimonials below), but individual results will vary.

When the excess weight is actually from pounds of impacted fecal matter stuck to the inside wall of the colon and small intestine, no amount of dieting or fat loss or exercise can reduce the size of the belly.  But Holy Tea can!
If you have bloat, midriff bulge, a "beer belly", a "pot belly", or a protruding abdomen, then drinking Holy Tea can help you shed pounds and lose inches around your waist, without dieting or changing your eating habits.  (See Bulging Bellies.)

Photo of Dr. Miller with Holy Tea user Connie Kimbell, who lost 100 pounds.

Photo of Dr. Miller's Holy Tea sample pack Dr. Miller's Holy Tea is a safe, mild, all-natural, detoxifying health tea. It is gentle in its action, yet more effective than most other colon cleansing products, laxatives, and detoxifiers. It's also a very good-tasting herbal detox tea which is simple to use - you just drink 8 ounces twice per day with meals!

No restrictive detox diet, no diet pills, and no complicated procedures. Just drink your Holy Tea every day. You don't even have to drink it with meals, but doing so could help provide relief from heartburn or acid reflux.

Holy Tea LOOKS like any other herbal tea, but don't be fooled. Just two of those Holy Tea bags make ONE U.S. GALLON of Holy Tea - an 8-DAY supply! And this is a HEALING TEA. Most people feel positive effects within a week, and often within a day or two!

See for yourself! Order a one-week Sample Pack of Holy Tea for USD $12.49 plus a shipping fee of $2.51 to USA, Canada, Mexico, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, or any country in the world! Click here to visit the Holy Tea online store.

Dr. Miller's Holy Tea - The Bottom Line

For information on buying Holy Tea contact  Michael Star  at 905-891-7436  (11 AM to 11 PM Eastern Time).

Click here to BUY Holy Tea on-line at USD $49.95 retail price for a one-month supply (8 bags make 4 gallons). For 1 to 12 packages S&H is $5 to USA (including Alaska, Hawaii, US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico), S&H $9 to Canada and Mexico, and S&H $11 to Central America, the Caribbean, South America, the U.K., Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and all other countries. (See Holy Tea Club info below to buy at wholesale price with discounted or free shipping.)

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In the USA huge amounts of money are being spent on...

Why is the U.S.A. the world leader in deaths by cancer and nearly every other disease, while China has 1.5 billion people who remain healthy simply by drinking tea? Dr. Miller has a patented Tea. But not just any Tea will do for this genius of health care. This Holy Tea has an enzyme that not only works on the toxic waste in the small and large intestines, but on every organ in the body. Each organ is directly connected to the colon, either directly or through the bloodstream.

Medical professionals tell us that 85% to 95% of all human diseases start with an unhealthy colon.

Doesn't it make more sense to take steps to restore the colon to a healthy state and PREVENT disease, than to ignore it and wait until the pain caused by a new disease prompts a person to seek medical treatment? And doesn't it make more sense to restore the colon to health and avoid disease than to just keep taking another expensive drug to treat each new disease that occurs as a result of an unhealthy colon?

Frankly, we take better care of our automobiles than we do our own bodies. You know that not replacing a dirty oil filter with a clean one on a regular basis is going to cause your engine to break down. Well, not cleaning out a dirty colon is going to cause your body to break down. But in either case, a little bit of relatively inexpensive "preventive maintenance" can avoid the problems.

If you're sick and tired of being sick and tired, it's time to try Dr. Miller's Holy Tea!

For information on buying Holy Tea contact  Michael Star  at 905-891-7436  (11 AM to 11 PM Eastern Time).
Or contact Michael on Skype for free from anywhere in the world.
SKYPE ID: michaelstar2

Click here to ORDER Holy Tea online at USD $49.95 retail price for a one-month supply, or $12.49 for a one-week Trial Pack. Shipped from the USA to most countries by USPS Priority Post.

The Holy Tea Club

Holy Tea Club logo Dr. Miller's Holy Tea is sold nationally and internationally by a network marketing company in the USA that officially launched on September 19, 2007. They are now looking for Members to join the Holy Tea Club. Members can purchase at wholesale prices to save money, and by helping to refer new Members they can earn a nice part-time income. Some may wish to be a distributor of Holy Tea world-wide as a full-time or part-time home business with the potential to earn a very large monthly income.

This presents a great ground-floor opportunity for people who wish to start a home-based business with a proven life-changing product and a very small investment - OR for those who wish to carry this product in their existing privately-owned store or online business. (The products will not be available in any chain stores, and the Holy Tea Club is now the world-wide distributor of Dr. Miller products.)

A personalized information web site will be supplied for free to every Holy Tea Club Member - one which explains the benefits and lists the ingredients of Holy Tea, so you don't have to. And your FREE web site store will also have a shopping cart to take customer orders online with all major credit cards.

Web site orders will be shipped from a U.S. distribution center directly to customers around the world, so you don't need to purchase any inventory, you don't need to get a merchant account to take credit cards, and you don't have to do any product shipping or invoicing yourself. It's all fully automated, and your web store is open 24 hours per day all year long! All you really need to do is get people to visit your own web site store.

Your Holy Tea Club web site also keeps track of all your orders and commissions on a "real time" basis, and sends you an email notice with your new customer's name and address and phone number every time a new sale is made! Imagine waking up in the morning and checking your email, and seeing that your free web site has been working while you slept to make you a sale and earn you a commission.

Your Holy Tea Club member web site's "back office" also provides you with a monthly summary of all sales and commissions, so you don't even need to do your own record-keeping.

There is no cost to join as a Member - other than to make an initial wholesale purchase of 8 bags of Holy Tea (4 sets of one-week sample packs, each with 2 tea bags. Each 2-bag packet will make an 8-day supply of Holy Tea).

Though the Holy Tea ingredients are contained inside an unbleached paper tea bag similar to most herb teas, this is not an ordinary herbal health tea! Each set of 2 tea bags will make one GALLON of Holy Tea!

Not only is the membership FREE, there is no monthly auto ship requirement. You don't HAVE to order Holy Tea yourself each month to be eligible to earn retail commissions from your free web site store, so you could earn money from referrals without investing any money at all! But if you do choose to set up a monthly auto shipment as an option, your international S&H fee will be reduced by $4 (or you'll get FREE shipping within the USA).

If you don't want to set up an auto ship, you can also order a one-month supply of Holy Tea anytime for yourself at the wholesale price of USD $40 plus a $5 to $11 S&H fee from your own free Holy Tea Club member web site. The S&H fee for a one-month supply or up to a 12-month supply remains the same at $5 to $11, so you can save money on shipping costs by ordering more packages of Holy Tea at the same time.

The Holy Tea Club's unique compensation plan is probably the best you have ever seen, and the Holy Tea is perfect for referral marketing. By referring new Holy Tea Club members who want to use the Holy Tea themselves and refer other new customers or Members, you can also earn commissions based on the volume of Holy Tea puchased and/or sold by all the Members you referred, and all the Members they refer.

Why is Holy Tea such a great product to build a home business on?

First, Holy Tea is a product which many people need - people of all ages in almost every town and city and country. It is needed even more by people over age 50 - including those in the "baby boomer" generation who form the largest market for health products in the USA and Canada and in other industrial nations of the world. Older people have more health problems, are more concerned about their health, and are more interested in preventing health problems and living longer. The older baby-boomers also tend to earn the most money and are willing to spend it on health products like Holy Tea. Better yet, since the baby-boomer generation now forms the largest age group, there are more people who need the product and also have the most money to spend on it!

Second, Holy Tea is a safe, natural product with well-known herbal ingredients that really work, and which most people will NOTICE is working for them within a few days to a week. When people see or feel the benefits, they will know the product is a good VALUE - not just some over-priced product being marketed as the basis of a new money-making scheme. The health benefits of Holy Tea are worth much more than it costs, and its cost is less than most herbal colon-cleansing and detox products on the market - and certainly less than the cost of most pharmaceutical drugs prescribed to treat each of the conditions which can be caused by an unhealthy colon.

Third, Holy Tea is a life-changing product that can really help people. It tastes good, is simple and convenient to use, really works, and solves many problems that cause pain - and is an amazingly effective product which customers and Members actually like to tell others about!  It is also the best in its class, more affordable than most alternatives, and provides noticeable results for many users within a day or two.

And, best of all, many past customers have chosen to keep re-ordering Holy Tea for years because they want to stay healthy and free of pain or discomfort. So you can keep earning money for years, since you earn a commission on each sale. As we continue our exposure to toxins which enter our bodies from air, water and food, we continually need to detoxify our bodies. Holy Tea is a simple, easy, and pleasant way to keep our bodies free of toxins in our blood and organs, and eliminate the build-up of the impacted fecal matter (mucoid plaque) that can clog our digestive tract.

Also, the Holy Tea product is shipped in "pass-it-on packaging"™ with 2 bags of Holy Tea per sealed package, which makes it convenient for customers to safely share a small sample with their friends, who can see that the ingredients are in a sealed, air-tight packet. This also makes it convenient for Holy Tea Club Members to sell a smaller package with an 8-day supply to people who prefer to try it before investing in a whole month's supply. And the Sample Pack can be shipped to almost any country in the world for only USD $12.49 plus a $2.51 shipping fee ($15 total).

The Holy Tea Club is a great new international business opportunity that has it all, and now is the best time to get in early as a Member and start referring your friends before they start calling to refer you!

The Holy Tea Club is growing at an exceptional rate, which is a testimonial to the quality of the product and the profitability of the pay plan. The Holy Tea Club had over 2,300 Founding Members when it officially launched in mid-September 2007. By December there were over 10,000 American, Canadian and international Members! After just six months, by March 2008, there were over 22,000 Holy Tea Club Members buying and selling over half a million dollars worth of Holy Tea per month in the USA, Canada, and many countries around the world.

A few companies have had spectacular growth rates like the Holy Tea Club. But this is a fast-growing business which you can start FOR FREE from home, and which can expand to many countries around the world. You don't have to invest many thousands of dollars in a Starbucks or MacDonalds franchise to start your own part-time business which is capable of earning you enough monthly income to provide an above-average lifestyle or a comfortable retirement.

This is a business which you can start part-time and literally carry in your pocket! The Holy Tea Sample Packs are about the size of postcard, and it's easy to carry four or five in your coat pocket or purse. And your free Holy Tea Club web site store presents all the necessary information about the product, ingredients, benefits, testimonials, and instructions for use; takes online orders 24 hours per day by credit card; and provides shipment of the Holy Tea direct to customers world-wide from distribution centers in the U.S.A.

Just show people the Holy Tea sample and give them the web address of your own Holy Tea Club online store, so they can read about the Holy Tea benefits and ingredients, then order online and get their Holy Tea shipped direct to their door.

You don't have to do any "selling". Simply by "telling" people you meet everyday that you love what the Holy Tea is doing for you, you can build a real business that provides an ongoing monthly income of hundreds or thousands of dollars per month.

The average American household earns about USD $48,000 per year, often when both husband and wife have salaried or hourly jobs working for someone else. It is possible for Holy Tea Club members to earn that much or more working for themselves at low cost right from their own home - without having to commute to work each day and spend money on gas, parking, auto maintenance, store-bought lunches, and special clothing for work.

And since owning their own business makes them eligible for many income tax deductions not available to persons who are employees, they get to keep more of their income and lose less to income taxes. The average American employee gets only three kinds of income tax deductions. The self-employed American can qualify for up to 130 income tax deductions which relate to his home business.

With the Holy Tea Club, you can start your own business for free, build it in your spare time, and see it grow into a business which eventually will be capable of replacing your employment income if you choose to "fire your boss" and work to build your own future instead of working to make your employer rich.

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Today in America it would take about a million dollars invested at current interest rates to provide a retirement income of $50,000 per year. If you are not going to be able to save up that million dollars before age 65, then building a home business which provides $50,000 per year is an alternate way to ensure a comfortable retirement.

If you are wondering if your pension plan and/or retirement savings plan will provide enough income when you are forced to retire from your job, or worrying that you might get "downsized" or laid off before you can build up enough pension benefits, then building a home business could provide the extra income you will need for a comfortable retirement - or for your financial survival in hard times. The sooner you start your Holy Tea Club business, the sooner your business will start providing the kind of income you need.

For information on buying or selling Holy Tea, or becoming a Member of the Holy Tea Club, contact Michael Star  at 905-891-7436  (11 AM to 11 PM Eastern Time, GMT-5).

Or contact Michael on Skype for free from anywhere in the world.
SKYPE ID: michaelstar2

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We ship Holy Tea to any country at low rates ($5 to $11), and Members from any country are welcome (except Nigeria and Ghana).

Do you think you "don't have the time" to refer people? If you have time to tell people about that restaurant you loved or a good movie you have seen, then don't you have some time to tell people about a product that helped you feel healthier, or relieved you of some chronic pain or discomfort?

If you feel that the Holy Tea is good for you, why wouldn't you want to tell your family and friends about it? Just ask them to visit your free Holy Tea Club web site and let it tell the story and sell the product for you!

Cleansing the colon and detoxing the whole body can eliminate so much unneccessary pain and suffering - and literally change someone's life for the better. Who wouldn't want to share that helpful information with the people they care about? Honestly, if you were one of the first to hear about a health product like Aspirin that could relieve headaches and pains, would you NOT tell your friends and family about it?

Holy Tea can help people in many more ways. But billions of people don't even know about it yet. You could be someone who helps "spread the word" about this life-changing health product. Instead of paying millions of dollars to the rich owners of television and radio stations and magazines and newspapers for advertising, the Holy Tea Club is willing to pay YOU to do "word of mouth" advertising to the people you know. And "word of mouth" is the BEST advertising, because people would rather hear about a product from someone they know and trust.

Each person who buys a one-month supply of Holy Tea from your free Holy Tea Club web site for $49.95 will generate a $9.95 commission for you.

All it takes is four customers to earn you almost enough to pay for your own monthly supply of Holy Tea - which you get at the $40 wholesale price as a Holy Tea Club Member. Why pay the $49.95 retail price when you can simply refer a few new users and get your Tea for FREE? If you have more than four customers buying the Holy Tea each month, you can earn a nice monthly income that can grow from about $10 per month to $100 per month to a $1,000 per month or more. Already, some Members are earning $2,000 to $3,000 per month* just by telling people about Holy Tea.

* Your personal income will depend solely on your efforts and the amount of Holy Tea sold. These income figures are shown as examples only.

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This product contains natural herbal ingredients which act as a cathartic. A cathartic stimulates faster elimination of waste products from the body. Women who are pregnant or nursing, elderly persons, young children, and individuals suffering from any illness or health condition should consult with their personal physician prior to using this or any herbal supplement.

Holy Tea stimulates your body to detoxify itself by eliminating all toxins and foreign substances, which may include drug residues and even the pharmaceutical drug medications you use today. If you are taking medications, we suggest you do not drink Holy Tea for two hours before and after you take your medicine, to avoid reducing the effectiveness of your medications.

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Some common alternate spellings and misspellings: Chron's Disease = Crohn's Disease; haemorrhoids = hemorrhoids; hemhorroids = hemorrhoids; faeces = feces; diarrea = diarrhea; diarrhoea = diarrhea; laxitive = laxative; mucous = mucus; exema = eczema; mould = mold; flavinoids = flavonoids; large bowel = large intestine = colon; irratable bowel = irritable bowel; irritible bowel = irritable bowel; syndrom = syndrome; iratable = irritable; iratible = irritable; irrital bowel = irritable bowel; irrritable = irritable; irritated bowel syndrome = irritable bowel syndrome; bowel cleanse = colon cleanse; bowel cleansing = colon cleansing; bowel cancer = colon cancer; impacted bowel = impacted colon; leaky gut = leaky bowel; wholistic = holistic; Dr. Millers = Dr. Miller's; Holly Tea = Holy Tea; Wholy Tea = Holy Tea; ingredent = ingredient; persimon = persimmon; virginia = virginiana; marshmallow = marsh mallow; holly thistle = holy thistle; milk thistle = holy thistle; Sillybum = Silybum; Sillymarin = Silymarin; Cardus = Carduus; ingedients = ingredients

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