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Laxatives, Colon Cleanse, a Detox, Weight Loss, More Energy.
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Holy Tea Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

"Based on a Medicinal Herb Called Holy Thistle  Used For 2000 Years, This Colon Cleansing Detox Tea Has Been Used Successfully For Over 20 Years."

Photo of Holy Thistle, also known as Milk Thistle.

Holy Tea Tastes Great and is Easy To Use. Just Drink Two 8-ounce Cups per Day With Meals.

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Dr. Miller's
Holy Tea

is a good-tasting, gentle, safe, all-natural tea with medicinal herbs and enzymes which help remove toxins and provide relief from many health issues.
Thousands of users achieved weight loss and removed inches from their belly simply by drinking
Dr. Miller's
Holy Tea

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Holy Tea contains NO stimulants, caffeine, harsh laxatives like cascara or cassia or senna, sugar, salt, harmful chemicals, or pesticides.
It is made from the finest quality ingredients grown in the USA.
Holy Tea is gentle, easy to use, proven to work, and very affordable.

Who Needs Holy Tea?

Watch the Holy Tea online movie and listen to the personal messages from Dr. Miller and his grateful users.

Photo of Dr. Miller with Holy Tea user Connie Kimbell, who lost 100 pounds. Dr. Miller's Holy Tea was formulated by Dr. Bill Miller (Ph.D. Nutritional Science) of Tennessee, USA. It is a unique, holistic, herbal blend of safe, all-natural, USA-grown ingredients designed to gently cleanse the digestive tract and detoxify the body. Holy Tea is a cleansing tea, a detox tea, a weight loss tea, and a great-tasting herbal tea - all wrapped up in each unbleached tea bag.

But, most of all, Holy Tea is a HEALING tea. Remarkable things happen when you drink Holy Tea every day. It is gentle, yet surprisingly powerful as a colon cleanse, parasite cleanse, Candida cleanse, liver cleanse, kidney cleanse, blood purifier, and whole body detoxifier. Holy Tea helps cleanse and detox all the soft tissues of the body, including the brain, lungs, and other organs. The largest organ in the body is the skin, and users of Holy Tea often find that their skin appears clearer and younger-looking.

You probably won't need any more antacids, laxatives, stool softeners, psyllium fiber drinks, acne creams, allergy pills, and many other potions and lotions after you start drinking Holy Tea each day.

Smokers of tobacco or other substances (such as marijuana), and persons who are regular drinkers of alcohol (beer, wine, or liquor) can greatly benefit from drinking Holy Tea on a regular basis to cleanse their lungs, keep their body detoxified, and help protect their liver from damage (cirrhosis of the liver can be fatal, and alcoholics rarely qualify for liver transpants). See Holy Tea Ingredients for more about detoxification and the liver-protecting properties of silymarin found in the herbal ingredient Holy Thistle (Silybum marianum) which is also known as Milk Thistle. Also see the Mayo Clinic report on studies of the use of silymarin from Milk Thistle (Silybum marianum) with the liver diseases cirrhosis and hepatitis.

Persons who have served overseas in the military in Iraq, Afghanistan, and tropical countries may benefit from drinking Holy Tea to help eliminate toxins and parasites which may be undermining their health.

Persons who have taken prescription drugs or continually take a prescription drug may find that drinking Holy Tea helps remove drug residues that could be producing some side-effects. (The body regards man-made drugs as toxins, so Holy Tea should not be taken for at least 2 hours before taking any drugs or medications or birth control pills, and not be taken for at least 2 hours afterwards, so as to allow sufficient time for the medications to be absorbed and do their intended job.)

Photo of Dr. Miller's Holy Tea sample pack The name "Holy Tea" is taken from the traditional name of one of its effective ingredients, a widely-used medicinal herb known as Holy Thistle or Blessed Milk Thistle (Silybum marianum) and is not intended to imply any religious significance - although grateful users who experienced remarkable health improvements after taking Holy Tea often thank God for this gift of healing!

Some would call it a "miracle tea", but this cleansing tea is really just a special blend of high-quality herbs, tested and refined over 20 years of use in Dr. Miller's holistic health clinics. This secret blend of the highest-quality herbs produces fast and effective results that no imitator has been able to copy. Beware of knock-offs and imitations which use cheap, low-quality herbs that are not as effective as Dr. Miller's Holy Tea.

The directions printed on the Holy Tea packets are very short and simple. We suggest you read the Directions page so you have a full understanding of HOW to brew your Holy Tea properly and use it most effectively - and WHY the instructions should be followed carefully. We want to help you avoid any mistakes and gain the most health benefits from using Holy Tea. Holy Tea is mild but effective, and is designed to be taken every day.

Every question about Holy Tea we have ever heard has been answered on this FAQ page.

Read This Before You Brew Your Holy Tea

DO NOT MICROWAVE the Holy Tea bags or the water used to make your Holy Tea. Do not subject the herbs to excessive heat that could destroy the essential enzymes. Make your Holy Tea with pure, clean, water that has come to a full boil, then remove the heat and let the boiling stop before adding the tea bags. You may re-heat the Holy Tea mixture later, but do not microwave it. Heat it on the stove just to a gentle boil, not to a rapid boil.

LEAVE THE TEA BAGS IN THE LIQUID TEA when you store it, to keep your Holy Tea infused with the ingredients. If you are not noticing any effects within a few days to a week, you may have forgotten this and have been drinking Holy Tea which is too weak to work effectively.

ALWAYS use TWO BAGS when you make your Holy Tea mixture, so you get enough of the essence of the herbal ingredients into your Holy Tea and into your body. Using half the bags will only get half the ingredients into your Holy Tea and into your body, no matter how much or how little water you use. Drinking Holy Tea which is TOO WEAK will not produce the desired results.

DON'T drink your Holy Tea TOO STRONG. It is NOT like regular teas, and you do NOT use one bag of Holy Tea to make one cup or one small pot of tea! It has to STEEP FOR AT LEAST 4 HOURS to be effective. Follow the directions and use TWO bags to make one whole U.S. GALLON (or about 4 metric litres) of Holy Tea, and leave it to steep for 4 to 6 hours, or overnight.

IF you use the two bags to brew and store a QUART (one litre) of the 4x concentrated mixture, pour ONLY TWO OUNCES of the CONCENTRATE into SIX ounces of water or juice or a favorite tea to make your 8-ounce glass of regular-strength Holy Tea. You need to DILUTE the 4x concentrate down to regular strength. Your two bags of Holy Tea should last you 7 to 8 days if you are drinking two 8-ounce glasses per day.

START OUT with HALF the daily dose and drink Holy Tea WITH MEALS. Since Holy Tea has mild but effective laxative and cathartic properties, drinking too much Holy Tea before your body gets accustomed to it (or taking it without food) can cause soft stools in some users. Drink HALF the amount recommended in the Directions for the first day or two, then increase the amount gradually to two glasses per day WITH MEALS. It helps avoid or minimize any uncomfortable "detox effects" if you START SLOW.

Frequently Asked Questions About Holy Tea

How Do I Brew the Holy Tea?

Click here to open a new window which lists detailed instructions that tell you how to brew Holy Tea, but first you need to understand a few important things about using Holy Tea.

The following section should answer most of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Holy Tea, including the possible effects of the detoxification process.

At the end are a few warnings about the use of Holy Tea by persons who have certain medical conditions or who are taking doctor-prescribed drugs or medications or birth control pills. Do not drink Holy Tea for at least 2 hours before and 2 hours after taking any drugs or man-made medications.

NOTE: The information provided in this web page is "for educational purposes only" and is not intended in any way to be considered as medical advice or a consultation about the diagnosis, treatment, cure, or prevention of any disease. Consult your medical doctor or professional health care provider if you have a medical condition.

Do NOT use just one bag when making Holy Tea. It just won't work properly, even if you use one bag with half as much water. Always use TWO bags so that enough of the herbs get into the mixture to be effective, and always let it steep for at least 4 to 6 HOURS so enough of the compounds come out into the water. Always LEAVE THE BAGS IN the Holy Tea mixture, and do NOT open the bags until AFTER you have finished drinking all of the liquid.

Think of it like this... if it takes 2 gallons of water to make your toilet flush, then if you only let 1 gallon flow into the tank it just will not flush properly! You NEED the chemical compounds from the herbs in TWO BAGS of Holy Tea to make it work properly to help your body flush out all those toxins and parasites and impacted fecal matter. So always put TWO bags into whatever amount of water you use to brew your Holy Tea. You can vary the strength by the amount of water you use, but always start with TWO bags of Holy Tea.

How Do I Store the Holy Tea?

Good question! We have some suggestions as to the best way, but Holy Tea can be stored in various ways. We don't want you to give up on drinking Holy Tea because you think it's too hard to make and store a whole gallon at a time. You can make a more convenient concentrated version of Holy Tea using the method we describe below.

It is best to store your Holy Tea mixture in the refrigerator in a tightly capped glass container, but you can also use plastic or stainless steel containers if necessary. A vacuum bottle is also a good place to store your Holy Tea, especially when traveling.

If you find it too awkward or difficult to brew a whole gallon of Holy Tea at one time, or don't have a one-gallon pot, or just don't have room in your refrigerator to store a whole gallon of the liquid Tea, there is another way to make your Holy Tea.

Many users make a quarter-gallon of Holy Tea (one quart or 4 cups of water with TWO bags) using "METHOD #2" under the "How To Brew Your Holy Tea" section on the Directions web page.

With this method, you boil just a quart (32 fluid ounces or four 8-ounce cups) of pure water in a kettle or saucepan and add TWO bags of Holy Tea to the hot water just after the boiling has stopped. Let the mixture steep for at least 6 to 8 hours, then pour it (AND the 2 bags) into a one-quart or one-litre container, which is easier to store in the refrigerator. If your container can safely handle boiling hot water, you could just put the bags into the one-quart container and pour in the hot water after it stops bubbling.

When brewing the Holy Tea with only one QUART or LITRE of water, it will be a dark brown color rather than the golden color of the regular strength Holy Tea made with one gallon of water. It may take longer to fully infuse the smaller quantity of water because it cools faster and approaches saturation sooner, so let it steep on the kitchen counter or the turned-OFF stove burner for at least 6 hours, or overnight. Let it cool down on its own, not in the refrigerator. The longer the water stays warm, the more ingredients will come out of the herbs and into the water.

Just remember that when you use 2 bags in only 1 QUART (or 1 litre) of water instead of 4 quarts (a gallon), you are making a CONCENTRATE of Holy Tea that is FOUR TIMES stronger than normal. We'll refer to it as the "4x" (four times stronger) concentrate. So when you are ready to drink a glass of Holy Tea, you use one-quarter as much (i.e. four times less). You should add ONLY 2 OUNCES of the 4x concentrate to 6 ounces of hot or cold water, herbal tea, or fruit juice.

That will produce an 8-ounce glass which is exactly the same strength as regular Holy Tea. A standard "shot glass" used to measure liquor holds about 2 ounces when filled right to the top, or you can measure one ounce at a time using the lower line on the shot glass (the top line is 1.5 ounces). Pour the two ounces of Holy Tea 4x concentrate into a 10 or 12 ounce glass or mug and then add enough water or tea or juice to fill the glass to about 8 ounces. To give you an idea of the quantity we are discussing, an American can of soda pop or cola or iced tea usually holds 12 fluid ounces.

Measuring "exactly" 6 ounces of water or tea or juice in the glass is not that important, as long as you are adding a full two ounces of the concentrate to make sure you are getting enough of the herbal ingredients. Using more than exactly 6 ounces of water is not a problem, but adding more than two ounces of the 4x concentrate would make your Holy Tea stronger than the regular dose. And you will run out of Holy Tea sooner.

Can I Store Holy Tea Without Refrigeration?

We don't have a definite answer to this question. We'll explain the factors, and you can make your own decision.

As with any food or beverage, there is the question of how long it can be stored before it "spoils" from contamination by bacteria and/or fungi and mold. Refrigeration which keeps the food or beverage at a low temperature keeps the microbes from multiplying as fast as they would at room temperature.

To avoid spoilage, it is best to keep your Holy Tea liquid cold in a refrigerator - but not absolutely necessary. The herbs in Holy Tea have some antibacterial and antifungal properties, so it is not necessary to refrigerate the Holy Tea liquid at all times if you are going to be using it all up in a week or so. But make sure the container is tightly-capped and air-tight if you are going to leave your Holy Tea mixture out on the kitchen counter or are transporting it, and try to store it in the coolest spot, away from heat or direct sunlight.

Do NOT leave it on top of the refrigerator, because it can get very warm up there! And do not leave it exposed to direct sunlight or close to lamps or heat sources such as an oven or toaster which could heat up the Holy Tea mixture and speed up bacterial growth.

Do not drink directly from the container, because that can introduce bacteria from your mouth into the remaining liquid.

When traveling, you don't have to worry about keeping your Holy Tea cold, unless you like to drink it cold. But it is always safest to keep it tightly capped and as cool as possible to avoid any chance of spoilage. It is most convenient to take the Holy Tea 4x concentrate when traveling, because you have less to carry and you can just add 2 ounces of the concentrate to hot or cold water, tea, or juice.

Can I Add Ice to a Glass of Holy Tea?

People who like "iced tea" often ask this question.

The answer is YES. The optimum way to drink any liquid is at body temperature, but you can choose to add ice if you prefer to drink it cold.

And if you would like to drink your Holy Tea as an "iced tea" in the summer months, here's how to make it. First, make your Holy Tea using 2 bags in one QUART (or litre) of boiling water, which produces the 4x concentrate. Now you only need TWO OUNCES of the concentrate to make 8 ounces of Holy Tea. So pour 2 ounces of the 4x concentrate into a tall glass, then fill with ice cubes, then fill up with either cold water or some cooled herbal tea.

If the mixture, including the ice cubes, fills the glass to the 8-ounce level, you have the equivalent of a regular strength Holy Tea when all the ice has melted. If the glass is filled a little more than that, don't worry if you are getting more water. As long as you added a full 2 ounces of the 4x concentrate, you will be getting as much of the herbal ingredients as you would in a glass of regular-strength Holy Tea.

Now you can add any kind of sweetener to your iced tea, or add a lemon squeeze, or even top it with a sprig of mint. You'll have a much healthier iced tea than the kind of bottled iced tea drinks which are loaded with sugar or aspartame and chemical preservatives.

You can make an iced coffee, iced cappuccino, or iced moccaccino the same way - 2 ounces of Holy Tea concentrate in a glass full of ice, topped up with some hot or cooled-down instant coffee or expresso made with at least double the usual amount of coffee granules. We recommend using decaf coffee, and for iced moccaccino just add a teaspoon of liquid chocolate syrup or cocoa drink mix to the coffee - or real cocoa powder pre-mixed with a little warm water. Add a sweetener if desired, then add cream or milk to taste. You need to start with extra-strong coffee or expresso because the ice will melt and water down the taste too much. The Holy Tea is mild enough that it should not affect the taste of the iced coffee.

You can also drink your Holy Tea concentrate with a glass of any fruit juice mixed with a few ice cubes. But remember that fruit juice contains a lot of fructose - a natural sugar which yeast love to feed on. The yeast will produce carbon dioxide gas as they digest the sugar, which can cause bloating and cramps. If you presently have a yeast overgrowth, you may want to avoid drinking fruit juices and sugary drinks for a while, because a lot of yeast can produce a lot of gas and alcohol in your intestines.

Now we should mention three things about drinking iced liquids...

  • Swallowing ice-cold liquids (or ice cream, sorbet, or crushed-ice drinks like "slushies") can hurt your throat. Take small sips and let the drink cool down a bit in your mouth before you swallow it. Let it roll around in your mouth and slowly savor the flavor and that icy sensation.

  • It is healthiest to drink all liquids at a temperature which is close to natural body temperature - 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • The optimum temperature for drinking Holy Tea is also "body temperature". You don't "have" to drink it at 98.6 F but at least you now know the best way to drink your Holy Tea.

What If I Drink Too Much Holy Tea At Once?

If you are asking that question, we wonder if you are planning to drink a lot more that the recommended amount of Holy Tea. Maybe you are suffering from hard stools, hemorrhoids, or cramps and are seeking some fast relief.

We strongly suggest that you follow the directions on the Holy Tea label when brewing and using your Holy Tea. Use 2 bags to make one gallon of Holy Tea liquid, then drink one 8-ounce glass with a meal two times per day.

But you are free to drink more Holy Tea than the directions suggest for the average user, and you can make your Holy Tea stronger by adding 2 bags of Holy Tea to less than a full gallon. Some users find that Holy Tea works best for them when they make a half-gallon (two quarts or about 2 litres) of Holy Tea from 2 bags, which makes the Tea twice as strong. Under certain circumstances, Dr. Miller has recommended that a person drink up to one whole gallon of Holy Tea in one day.

However, we are NOT suggesting that YOU should drink a whole gallon in one day!

Now, to answer the question more directly, if you drink too much Holy Tea, or drink a highly concentrated mixture of Holy Tea, you are more likely to experience a cathartic effect - meaning that your stools will be softer than usual and you may need to use the toilet more often. How much is "too much" will vary among different individuals.

Holy Tea has mild cathartic and laxative effects, so taking "too much" Holy Tea at once could be like taking too much of a laxative product (which is usually both a laxative to soften stools and a cathartic to speed up the movement of stools through the bowels). Taking too much of a laxative product will make you move your bowels more frequently.

It would NOT be like having a case of diarrhea (which by definition means VERY watery stools) but your stools would likely have more water content and be much softer (more "mushy") than usual because they would move through your colon faster and not allow enough time for the colon to absorb 90 per cent of the water content, as it is designed to do.

While diarrhea can be harmful because it causes serious dehydration (loss of water), drinking too much Holy Tea is not likely to be harmful. But it may be inconvenient to have to go to the bathroom more often, and it may be a little messy if your stools are too soft and mushy.

If you experience soft stools or "loose stools" after drinking Holy Tea for the first time, reduce the amount you drink per day until your stools are normal. Normal stools will have the consistency of toothpaste from a tube, and have a diameter which is half the diameter of your own wrist. If your stools are too soft, then eating an apple AND its skin will absorb water in the colon and help make your stools firmer. (Note that if you consume a psyllium fiber product and you don't also drink enough water along with the psyllium product, it can cause constipation because the psyllium husks will absorb a lot of water.)

If you are suffering from constipation and produce large, hard stools which cause pain or rectal bleeding, having soft stools that pass easily may be a blessed relief. If your feces are extremely impacted to the point that you cannot succeed in having a normal bowel movement, taking "too much" Holy Tea might be of help in softening the impacted feces (which is the function of a laxative) so they can more easily pass out through the anal sphincter and minimize the risk of pain, tearing of the tender tissue, and the formation of painful piles or hemorrhoids.

Constipation is a medical condition and we advise you to consult your doctor, rather than trying to self-medicate by taking over-the-counter laxatives or drinking too much Holy Tea.

Does Holy Tea Contain Caffeine?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions about Holy Tea, because most people know that regular tea contains caffeine, and for various reasons they may want to avoid ingesting caffeine.

The answer is: NO.  Holy Tea does NOT contain any caffeine at all - unless you mix it with something that does contain caffeine, such as a regular tea.

None of the herbal ingredients of Holy Tea contain any caffeine. In fact, drinking Holy Tea can help you cut down on the amount of caffeine you ingest per day if you will substitute a cup of Holy Tea for a cup of coffee, regular tea, or other caffeine drinks.

Holy Tea's detoxifying properties will help your body get rid of drug residues, including residues of caffeine, nicotine, codeine, morphine, cocaine, heroin, opium, hashish, peyote, or marijuana - and residues of pharmaceutical drugs and steroids. Prescription drugs are "foreign substances" to your body and it will regard them as toxins and try to get rid of them, as it should. Drugs are unnaturally powerful substances, and many prescription drugs have unwanted or sometimes harmful side-effects of some kind. Getting rid of the residues may help avoid those unpleasant side-effects.

An excessive amount of caffeine can cause constipation. Excessive means more than a cup or two of coffee or two cans of cola beverages per day (a 12-ounce can of cola can contain as much caffeine as a six-ounce cup of perked coffee). A little caffeine helps stimulate peristalsis in the bowels (the rhythmic muscle contractions that move the food and feces through the intestines). But an excess amount of caffeine can interfere with peristalsis, and also cause water to be removed from the bowels (because caffeine is a diuretic that stimulates the kidneys to work faster).

The lack of moisture in the passing waste material makes the feces more compacted and more difficult to move along. Compaction or impaction and/or a slow rate of movement or motility of the feces is the actual meaning of the medical condition called constipation.

Not having a bowel movement for three days is the usual indicator of "constipation" for the medical profession; but we believe that not having at least one bowel movement every day is going to cause many health problems. If some food waste does not go out whenever some new food goes in, as you can see happening with young healthy babies, then where is all that toxic waste going? It's being held too long in your bowels, where it constantly poisons your bowels and your blood with toxins and also provides food and shelter for the bad bacteria, yeast, and parasites!

Caffeine can also interfere with the proper closing of the valve at the top of your stomach (called the lower esophageal sphincter or LES) which is supposed to keep food particles and stomach acid from passing into your esophagus and damaging its sensitive lining. If you suffer from "heartburn" or acid reflux disease or GERD, then reducing your caffeine consumption could help. Caffeine can also irritate the lining of the stomach and aggravate a stomach ulcer.

Click here to learn about causes of heartburn such as caffeine, nicotine, decaf coffee, milk chocolate, and cola drinks, and why taking antacids can do more harm than good.

If you drink beverages containing caffeine, such as coffee, tea, colas, and energy drinks made with guarana beans or added caffeine, you should drink EXTRA pure water every day to compensate for the water loss and avoid constipation and dehydration. A coffee or cola drink does NOT count as one of the 8 to 10 glasses of drinking water you need per day (unless they are caffeine-free).

There is less caffeine in Arabica beans than most other types of coffee bean. Any beans that are dark roasted have less caffeine than medium and light roasts, because more caffeine is lost during the roasting process. You might try drinking these to cut down on your caffeine intake.

Be aware that caffeine is a highly addictive narcotic, and suddenly stopping all intake of caffeine can cause some mild withrawal symptoms such as tiredness, lethargy, or a headache - usually experienced on the first day without caffeine. If you are already addicted to caffeine and want to reduce your consumption, then "tapering off" over several days could make things easier for you.

If you are going to drink coffee, you might want to try drinking a healthier kind of coffee like this one: OrGano Gold Healthy Coffee with organic Ganoderma (red reishi).

You should not drink caffeinated coffee after about 2 P.M. because the caffeine can interfere with restful sleep. You could consider drinking a hot chocolate made from healthy organic cocoa in the evening instead of coffee. The right kind of organic dark chocolate contains almost zero caffeine and is actually a very healthy food for the heart and brain. It contains the most powerful antioxidants, and is a good source of magnesium, calcium, zinc, and several other beneficial compounds like tryptophan, dopamine, and phenylethylamine. It can help you sleep better, reduce stress and depression, and lose excess weight. Click here to read about Healthy Chocolate and you will be surprised to learn all the good things it can do for you!

Does Holy Tea Contain Sodium or Salt?

This common question about Holy Tea is of concern to persons with heart disease who have been told by their doctor to cut down on their salt and sodium intake.

Holy Tea contains no salt, and contains less than 0.2 percent of the recommended daily allowance (RDA) of sodium per serving. Individuals with heart disease or hypertension who are concerned about ingesting excessive amounts of salt can rest assured that the Holy Tea is not a significant source of sodium or sodium chloride. It may be wise to show the list of ingredients on the Holy Tea label to your doctor if you have a medical condition such as heart disease or high blood pressure.

Note that the main reason heart patients are told to avoid excess salt and sodium is because the excess sodium depletes the body of magnesium, which is essential to healthy functioning of the heart. People with heart diseases invariably have too little magnesium, and recent studies in the USA have shown that more than two-thirds of all Americans get less than the recommended amount of magnesium in their diet, with about 19 percent getting less than half the required amount. Note that both magnesium and Vitamin C are necessary for the liver to be able to do its job of detoxifying the blood.

Does Holy Tea Contain Wheat Gluten?

This is a question of concern to persons with Celiac sprue or a food allergy to the gluten found in wheat.

The answer is NO. None of the herbs used in Holy Tea contain wheat gluten.

Does Holy Tea Contain Sugar or Sucrose?

This is a frequently asked question about Holy Tea from persons with diabetes or hyperglycemia, or those who want to avoid excess calories. Many of the commercial bottled teas and iced teas contain sugar.

The answer is NO. The Holy Tea bags do not contain any raw sugar cane, refined sugar, sucrose, fructose, or artificial sweeteners. Three grams of Holy Tea herbs provide only 2 calories and 0% carbohydrates.

Can Holy Tea Be Used By Persons With Diabetes or Hyperglycemia?

We are not medical doctors and cannot offer medical advice, so the official answer to this question must be:
"Persons with an existing medical condition or undergoing treatment with drugs should consult their personal physician before using Holy Tea or any herbal product."

We can tell you that there is NO sugar or sucrose or cane juice or HFC (high fructose corn syrup) in the ingredients of Holy Tea. Three grams of the Holy Tea herbs provide only 2 calories and contain 0% carbohydrates, 0% fat, and less than 1% of the U.S. RDA of protein.

Some diabetic users of Holy Tea have reported that it helped in balancing their blood sugar levels.

A Family Member Is Serving Overseas in the Military. Should I Send Them Some Holy Tea?

Persons who are serving overseas in the military in Afghanistan, Iraq, or tropical countries (or have now returned home) may benefit from drinking Holy Tea to help eliminate toxins, chemical residues, drug residues, and parasites which may be undermining their health. Sending them some Holy Tea could be a helpful and caring thing to do.

Improvements in "mental clarity" and "ability to focus" are often reported by new users of Holy Tea, probably because eliminating toxins from the blood helps eliminate the "brain fog" that affects so many people who don't even realize it until it goes away. For someone on "active duty" in a war zone like Iraq or Afghanistan, where snipers and suicide bombers abound, doesn't it seem likely that any improvements in mental alertness might make a difference in protecting life and limb?

Should I Drink Holy Tea If I Have Travelled to a Tropical Country?

For the same reasons, drinking Holy Tea could also benefit anyone who has travelled to a tropical country where bacteria like E-Coli and microscopic parasites like flukes or their eggs, or Giardia protozoa, are found in drinking water, bath water, swimming pools and streams and lakes, soil, and foods. Some pathogenic bacteria and parasites are transmitted by mosquitos and biting insects or bats.

If you had "traveller's diarrhea" you may still be infected with a strain of E-Coli bacteria, or an intestinal parasite like Giardia lamblia or Cryptosporidium.

Ground or water polluted by human or animal excrement is usually contaminated with parasitic worms or their eggs. Roundworm and whipworm eggs are transmitted by contact with fecal matter and then hand-to-mouth contact. Hookworm larvae can enter the body by burrowing through the skin when a human walks barefoot on contaminated ground or brushes against grass where the larvae can wait weeks for a new host.

Does Holy Tea Contain Pesticide Residues or Herbs From China?

A good question with a simple answer...

NO. The ingredients of Holy Tea are natural herbs grown in the USA in the states of Georgia and Florida, without the use of pesticides. There are no herbs imported from China or other countries.

Is Holy Tea a Vitamin and Mineral Supplement?

Holy Tea is not intended to be used as a vitamin or mineral supplement. Holy Tea is a combination of safe herbs designed to be taken as a cleansing and detoxifying tea that helps your body remove toxins and parasites from the blood, organs, soft tissue, and fat cells; and helps remove the impacted fecal matter (mucoid plaque) and parasites from the digestive tract.

If you are asking this question because you are looking for a good all-natural vitamin and mineral supplement, click here to learn about Sea Energy PowerMax which contains 52 organic minerals and trace minerals, 16 vitamins and 22 amino acids, plus many natural enzymes, black cherry concentrate, cranberry concentrate, and pomegranate. PowerMax is taken as a good tasting liquid (1 ounce per day) which is over 90 percent assimilated by your body.

I Am Already Thin.  Will Holy Tea Make Me Lose Weight?

This question is often asked by people who heard that others have lost a lot of weight by drinking Holy Tea. They were people who needed to lose a lot of excess fat, and who had a lot of impacted fecal matter in their colon which made their belly bulge.

The answer is NO. If you are already thin, drinking Holy Tea will not make you too thin. It won't cause weight loss unless your body needs to lose fat, or needs to get rid of a few pounds of toxic impacted fecal matter inside your colon.

There are thin people who have a little "pot belly". Drinking Holy Tea can help reduce the bulging belly which is probably caused by several pounds of impacted fecal matter. So that person might look thinner and lose some weight, but he or she will be a lot healthier!

Note that "weight" alone is not a very good indicator of health. Muscle weighs three times as much as fat. You need to measure the ratio of body fat to lean muscle mass to really determine if you are at a healthy weight. A "couch potato" who is the same height as a body builder could have exactly the same weight, but would have a much different fat to muscle ratio and a very different appearance. If you don't know the ratio for your own body, then measuring inches would give a better indicator than weighing pounds.

Is Holy Tea a Real Tea?

If your question means is Holy Tea like a Ceylon Tea or Earl Grey Tea or Green Tea or Rooibos Tea or any teas grown to be brewed as a regular beverage, then the answer to this question is NO.

Holy Tea is NOT the kind of tea which naturally contains caffeine. It is more like an herbal tea because it is made from herbs.

But Holy Tea is made from specific medicinal herbs and is formulated as a healing tea, not just a good-tasting herbal beverage. Think of your Holy Tea as a good-tasting tonic that you can safely drink every day for months or years.

Steeping the herbal ingredients in hot water draws out the chemical compounds in the herbs which do the job of cleansing and detoxing your body. And it makes a good-tasting golden tea which is a pleasure to drink and a convenient way to absorb the healing herbal ingredients.

Holy Tea can be mixed with a favorite regular tea or herbal tea if you prefer to drink it that way. Just add 3 quarts of the brewed tea instead of pure water when making your gallon of Holy Tea after steeping two bags in one quart of water. Or add 2 ounces of the 4x concentrate to six ounces of hot or iced tea.

Is Holy Tea for Children Too?

Can children drink Holy Tea? Consider this... are you letting your children drink colas and soft drinks loaded with caffeine, phosphoric acid, and sugar or aspartame? Holy Tea will be much healthier for your children than those things!

For legal reasons, we cannot answer this question directly and have to suggest that you consult your doctor or your child's pediatrician before serving Holy Tea to a young child.

We can tell you that even young children have taken Holy Tea. But if you choose to give Holy Tea to your child, it would be important to adjust the quantity in proportion to their lower body weight. Smaller bodies should get a smaller amount, just as they should get a smaller amount of food per day. With a small child, you could try starting with just a tablespoon of the concentrate mixed with whatever juice the child drinks, and then gradually increase the dose as necessary.

Please note the warning below about not drinking Holy Tea less than 2 hours before AND two hours after taking any medications or prescription drugs.

Note that there is NO caffeine in the herbal ingredients used in Holy Tea.

Can Holy Tea be Taken By Pregnant Women and Nursing Mothers?

Should a pregnant woman or nursing mother drink Holy Tea? For legal reasons, we can not answer this question nor give any medical advice, as we are not health professionals. We suggest you consult your doctor about any medical questions and show your doctor or obstetrician the ingredients listed on the Holy Tea package label.

When asked this question, Dr. Miller often replies: "Do you want to have your baby born in a clean body or a dirty body?"

Can I Use Holy Tea On My Skin?

That's an interesting question! People are always finding new ways to use Holy Tea.

Some users have reported that applying some of the Holy Tea concentrate to their skin has helped with rashes and soothed irritation and resulted in clearer looking skin. One user reported adding some concentrate to her bath water and experiencing softer feeling skin.

Can I Give Holy Tea To My Dog Or Cat?

Another interesting question! If Holy Tea helps humans, could it help our animal friends too?

We have heard from some users who gave some Holy Tea to their cat to help with digestive problems. You will have to experiment, because we are not veterinarians and do not have a direct answer to this question. You could sprinkle some of the herbs from a used Holy Tea bag into the pet food and see how it affects your pet, but do so at your own risk.

Does Holy Tea Have Any Side-Effects?

This is an important question to ask when taking any kind of herbal medicine or herbal supplement, including Holy Tea. While most herbal remedies are generally safe and have no harmful side-effects, some herbs do have side-effects and some can interfere with the desired effect of prescription drugs or medications, or have an unforeseen reaction when taken in combination with a certain drug.

A "contraindication" is a warning that one medication should not be taken along with certain other medications because they can interfere with each other, or can cause a harmful side-effect when taken together. See the next Question about Contraindications.

Note that many patented drugs were derived from natural herbs that were genetically modified to make them unique, and thus qualify for a patent that protects the drug manufacturer from competition and allows a higher price to be charged. Often, the inexpensive natural herb worked equally well.

The answer to the question about side-effects is: NO. Holy Tea has no known side effects, and has been used by clients in Dr. Miller's health clinics in Tennessee USA for over 20 years without any problems.

You might have heard of some potentially harmful side effects when you drink Green Tea, but this does NOT apply to Holy Tea. Although it tastes like a nice herbal tea, Holy Tea does NOT contain Green Tea or Black Tea or White Tea or Chinese Tea or Ceylon tea, or any of the usual kinds of tea brewed as a beverage. It is a healing tea made only from medicinal herbs grown in the southeastern U.S. states of Georgia and Florida.

However, you must understand that the main function of Holy Tea is "detoxification" of your body. So you may experience the symptoms of a "detox" when you first start taking Holy Tea. You might think these are "side effects" but they are not. Getting those toxins OUT of your body is an important part of the healing process.

Detox symptoms are natural effects caused by your body trying to expel toxic chemicals, drug residues, and parasitic organisms like worms, flukes, amoebae, protozoa, yeast and fungi. When yeast die, they release toxins, which sometimes makes you feel worse for a while during the "yeast die-off". Some types of pathogenic bacteria also release toxins when they die. The more yeast and pathogenic bacteria infecting your body, the more toxins could be released as they die off.

When irritating chemicals are excreted through your sweat glands onto your skin and scalp they might cause a temporary itching or rash, or might produce an odor. (Read more about symptoms of a detox below.)

Holy Tea is also a mild laxative and stool softener so you might experience changes in your bowel movements (see below).

Does Holy Tea Have Any Contraindications?

This is a wise question to ask when taking any pharmaceutical drug, or any herbal supplement, or any herbal remedy like Holy Tea.

A "contraindication" is a warning that one medication should not be taken along with certain other medications because they can interfere with each other, or can cause a harmful side-effect when taken together.

The use of Holy Tea has some contraindications, not because it interacts with certain drugs, but because it may reduce the effectiveness of many man-made drugs and birth control pills if you drink Holy Tea less than 2 hours before or after taking the medication (4 hours for birth control pills).

Holy Tea stimulates the body to get rid of all things which don't belong in the body, including prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications. The body regards a man-made drug as a toxin, as it should, because man-made drugs are unnaturally powerful chemical substances which don't occur in nature, and which the body is not used to coping with. That's why taking drugs can be dangerous and must be monitored by a doctor.

This does NOT say you cannot take Holy Tea while you are taking prescription medications or birth control pills, but you must be careful about WHEN you drink your Holy Tea.

Holy Tea should NOT be taken at the same TIME OF DAY as medications or pharmaceutical drugs or birth control pills, because it might inhibit the absorption and effectiveness of the drugs.

These man-made drugs are not "natural" to your body, and the "detox" effects of Holy Tea will stimulate your body to get rid of things that are not natural to your body. It will try to "detox" itself of old drug residues, as well as the new drugs you actually DO want to be absorbed so they can do the job they were meant to do.

Simply NOT drinking Holy Tea for at least 2 hours before AND 2 hours after taking your drugs or medications is usually sufficient to allow the drugs to be absorbed without interference. If you take your drugs at night before you go to sleep, simply avoid drinking Holy Tea for at least two hours before you take your medications. If you have to take your medications with a meal, then you should not drink Holy Tea within two hours before and two hours after that same meal.

In other words, do NOT drink your Holy Tea within two hours of the time you take any kind of MAN-MADE medicines. Do NOT drink Holy Tea within 4 hours of the time you take a birth control pill. Drink your Holy Tea at least two hours before AND at least two hours after taking your medications.

To make that even clearer, we'll state it another way: "Don't take your drugs less than 2 hours after drinking Holy Tea - and don't drink any Holy Tea for at least 2 hours after taking the medication."

If you take birth control pills; "Don't take your birth control pill less than 4 hours after drinking Holy Tea - and don't drink any Holy Tea for at least 4 hours after taking the birth control pill."

Your NATURAL vitamin and mineral supplements or non-toxic herbal supplements or herbal remedies will NOT be affected by the Holy Tea, so this warning does NOT apply to them.

Does The Holy Tea Taste Like Medicine?

This is a reasonable question to ask, since Holy Tea is made from medicinal herbs.

Are you wondering about the taste? Don't worry, Holy Tea tastes very good! It looks and tastes like a regular herbal tea, which is milder than Earl Grey tea or other regular teas. It's clear and golden-colored and almost tastes a little bit sweet. It does NOT taste like herbs or spices or "medicine" at all. It tastes like a mild or even weak berbal tea when taken at regular strength.

Holy Tea tastes so good that you may not even want to add any sugar or honey or other sweeteners, but you can if you wish. Two sweeteners which are healthier than most are Agave nectar (has the look and taste and calories of liquid`honey, but has a low glycemic index) and Stevia (a zero-calorie herb which is many times sweeter than an equal amount of cane sugar).

You can even mix Holy Tea with your favorite teas or with any kind of juice. Some users mix their Holy Tea with fruit juice, but note that fruit juices contain a lot of the natural sugar, fructose. Thus the juices are high in calories, and also serve as food for the yeast organisms in your intestines which produce gas when they consume sugars. You should probably avoid drinking fruit juices while you have a yeast overgrowth.

If you are one of the few people who just don't like the natural taste of Holy Tea, you can try making the 4x concentrated version (two bags steeped in one quart of hot water) and add two ounces of the concentrate to any liquid or food you do like. Just don't add it to foods or liquids that will be heated to a high temperature above the boiling point of water, or it could destroy the essential enzymes in the Holy Tea ingredients. So add the Holy Tea after they cool down below the boiling point of water. We don't recommend adding it to alcoholic beverages. We suggest you try mixing the Holy Tea concentrate with any kind of herbal tea you like best, or even regular tea if necessary.

Does the Holy Tea Get Weaker After Being Brewed and Stored?

A few people have asked this question, and it's good to answer it in detail so you'll understand the best way to prepare and store your Holy Tea mixture.

After you have brewed your Holy Tea by letting TWO BAGS steep in pure hot water for at least 4 to 6 hours or more, you pour the cooled liquid AND the two tea bags into a sealed container (preferably made of glass, not plastic) to store it in the refrigerator.

The Holy Tea is designed to be made with TWO BAGS, not one. You'll only get half the medicinal dose of the herbal ingredients if you use just one bag, and it just won't work effectively.

After steeping your Holy Tea, you should keep the two Holy Tea bags in the liquid mixture at all times - which will keep your Holy Tea drink fully infused with the herbal ingredients. There are still more active ingredients to be released from the herbs even after the initial brewing, and even after you have finished drinking all the liquid Holy Tea a week or two later.

When your container of the Holy Tea liquid has been emptied, you can remove the wet used tea bags and place them on a screen or a saucer to let them dry out. Once they are completely dry, you can cut the bags open and sprinkle the edible herbs into foods such as soups, stews, sauces or salads. That way you will get the most benefit from each bag of Holy Tea you buy.

(Make sure you put the wet bags in a dry, warm place where they will dry out in a day or two, because you do not want to invite any airborne mold spores to start growing on the paper bags if they remain moist for several days. You can dry them in the oven if you prefer, but set the temperature BELOW 212 degrees Fahrenheit or 100 degrees Centigrade.)

What If I Just Drink Holy Tea For One Day?

We wonder why someone would ask this question. Is it because they just want to try the Holy Tea to see how they like the taste? Or are they a little afraid of what might happen, and they want to see if they react to it somehow in a negative way?

Or do they want to try some, and a friend or family member is willing to offer them a one-day supply from their own one-week supply of Holy Tea liquid?

We hope they are not going to beg or borrow just ONE bag of Holy Tea and try to brew up half a gallon of Holy Tea. This DOES NOT WORK. The Holy Tea is designed to be made with TWO BAGS so that an effective dose of the herbal ingredients gets infused into the liquid tea. Using only ONE bag will not make Holy Tea of sufficient strength for the recommended dose. There just won't be enough of the medicinal compounds in the herbs getting into the water and into your body.

And if a person uses ONE bag of Holy Tea to brew up only one cup or one pot of tea, it will certainly not be infused with enough herbs. It has to be steeped in hot water for more than 4 hours, and a small teacup or teapot will cool down way too fast, compared to the cool down time of a container holding a quart or gallon of hot water. The longer the water stays warm, the more compounds in the herbs will be infused into the tea.

The Holy Tea Club offers a one-week Sample Pack with TWO BAGS for $15 including world-wide shipping, so people can "try the Tea" without having to invest in a whole month's supply. They have found that 7 or 8 out of 10 people who drink the properly prepared Holy Tea for a week will notice some positive effects within that time. But they don't offer a "one day sample pack" because most people won't likely notice anything after drinking Holy Tea for just one day.

If you drink the recommended adult dose of two 8-ounce glasses of regular-strength Holy Tea for just one day, you are not likely to notice any effects. It is designed to be taken every day for at least a month or more, not just one day. However, because Holy Tea has some mild laxative and catharic properties, if you are constipated then you might experience some softer stools which give you some relief from hard stools on the following day. If not, you might just find your bowel movement has softer stools than before.

If you drink too much Holy Tea on the first day, or drink it in a too concentrated form, you might have some mushy stools. While not likely, you might experience some "detox effects" if you drink two or more glasses of Holy Tea on the first day.

Holy Tea is available from the Holy Tea Club in a sample pack which is a one-week supply. It comes in a clear sealed packet containing two bags which will make one U.S. gallon or about 16 litres of Holy Tea, and will last 7 or 8 days if you drink two 8-ounce glasses per day. But drinking Holy Tea for just one day will not likely have much noticeable effect. It won't give this wonderful healing Tea a chance to prove its worth to you, and you would likely be wasting your money to take it for just one or two days.

Don't confuse Dr. Miller's Holy Tea with other colon-cleansing and detox products which often have two or three separate steps, the first consisting of a strong laxative and catharic which softens the stool and stimulates the colon to move out the waste material much faster than usual. The strong cathartics used in those products may be Cascara sagrada or Cassia Senna, both of which irritate the bowels to stimulate the muscle contractions known as peristalsis and move the feces faster. While these products may work faster than Holy Tea in cleaning out the colon, they can also cause bowel dependency if used for more than 7 days.

Holy Tea does NOT contain strong or harsh cathartics and does NOT cause bowel dependency - so you don't have to worry about taking Holy Tea for just a short time (like one day) to avoid any harmful effects. It was designed for safe, long-term use every day - and is much more gentle in its action as a laxative and cathartic. Because of this, you won't see a sudden and strong effect when you drink Holy Tea for a day or two.

Give the Holy Tea time to do its healing work and soon enough you will be feeling the beneficial changes, such as more regular and easier bowel movements, more energy, more mental focus and clarity, improvements in the look and feel of your skin, improvements in many other conditions and ailments, and an increased sense of "well being". You could even gain a more positive and happier outlook on life when you start feeling good again.

Did you know that one of the effects of a yeast overgrowth is "depression"? It will help you be happier if you can get rid of the excess yeast in your body.

How Much Holy Tea Do I Drink?

That's an important question to ask, but it doesn't have an exact answer because YOU are not exactly like everyone else. You don't eat the same amount of food, and you probably don't need the same amount of Holy Tea as another person.

There is no set "dosage" that applies to each and every person. Holy Tea is a natural herbal product, not a drug. The directions on the label recommend that an adult should drink two 8-ounce glasses of Holy Tea per day with breakfast and supper, plus an optional 4 ounces with an afternoon snack if desired.

You may need to adjust the amount of Holy Tea you consume daily to suit your own body’s needs. Everybody has a different body weight and body chemistry, and everyone has different levels of toxicity and different health conditions, so you will have to find the amount of Holy Tea per day that works best for you.

Obviously, if you have a larger body, you may need to drink a greater amount of Holy Tea than the directions suggest for the typical adult, just as you need to eat a greater amount of food each day and drink a greater amount of water per day.

If you have a lot of impacted fecal matter clogging your digestive tract (i.e. have a bulging belly or "midriff bulge") you may need more Holy Tea to help clean it out, and you may have to continue a higher dose for a longer period of time.

If your body has accumulated a lot of stored toxins over a lot of years, you may need to drink a greater amount of Holy Tea for a longer time.

We recommend that you START with just one 8-ounce glass of Holy Tea per day for one to three days to let your body get used to it, and so you don't start detoxing too quickly. (You won't get the desired results if you only drink half the recommended dose, so take the low dose ONLY during the first few days.)

Increase the amount each day until you are drinking two or more glasses of Holy Tea per day - which the directions recommend as a typical dosage for most adults.

If you do not see or feel the positive effects within a week, gradually increase the amount of Holy Tea you drink per day until you find the right amount that works for you. Some users who were constipated have taken a half gallon or more of Holy Tea in one day (not EVERY day).

If you have made and stored the 4x CONCENTRATE of Holy Tea (brewed with 2 bags in 1 quart of water), an alternate method is to START by drinking half as much of the Holy Tea concentrate (ONE fluid ounce instead of two) mixed with the same amount of plain water or regular tea (6 fl.oz.). Then drink one glass of the weaker mixture with each of two meals per day, and gradually increase the amount over a few days to two ounces of concentrate with six ounces of water or regular tea.

It is not harmful to drink larger amounts of Holy Tea than the instructions indicate, but you may trigger some symptoms of a "detox" if you drink too much too soon (see above) and your body tries to rid itself of toxins faster than it can excrete them. If that happens, simply reduce the amount you are drinking. Do not stop taking the Holy Tea, just reduce the amount.

You should also drink lots of pure drinking water every day, especially when you are first starting to drink the Holy Tea and going through the initial detoxification period. Give your body lots of water to help your kidneys flush out the accumulated toxins that are now being released into your bloodstream.

If you are taking your Holy Tea according to the instructions and not seeing or feeling some positive effects after a few days, either increase the amount of Holy Tea you drink per day, or increase the concentration (make half a gallon of Holy Tea with 2 bags, instead of 1 gallon with 2 bags, so you get more of the herbs in each glass you drink).

How Long Will 2 Holy Tea Bags Last?

That's another good question that doesn't have an exact answer. It will depend on how you make your Holy Tea and how much of it you drink per day. But the answer for the typical user is "one week".

When you prepare your Holy Tea according to the directions on the package, two bags of Holy Tea will produce ONE U.S. GALLON of Holy Tea liquid, which is 4 quarts or about 4 metric litres.

If you follow the directions and drink one 8-ounce glass or mug of Holy Tea twice per day (with 2 meals, such as breakfast and supper) this will last for 8 days. Thus a pack of 8 bags of Holy Tea will last for about one month (32 days).

If you drink an extra 4-ounce glass of Holy Tea with a snack, then 2 bags of Holy Tea will last about 6 days, and 8 bags (4 U.S. gallons) will last about 24 days.

The Holy Tea Club supplies the Holy Tea in sealed packets which contain two tea bags each and have the simple brewing instructions on the enclosed label. When you order a Holy Tea Sample Pack (or "the one week experience") you get two bags, which should last 7 to 8 days if you use them to make one U.S. gallon (equivalent to 4 U.S. quarts, or 4 metric litres) of Holy Tea and then drink two 8-ounce glasses per day.

We suggest you start slow by drinking only one glass of Holy Tea for the first two to three days, so your body can get used to the Holy Tea and not detox itself too quickly. If you do this, your Sample Pack will last more than 8 days.

In summary, when you order a one-month supply, you get 4 sealed packets with 2 bags in each, which means you have 8 bags and can make 4 gallons or 16 litres of Holy Tea. If you drink exactly two 8-ounce glasses per day, your Holy Tea will last for 32 days.

When Do I Drink Holy Tea?

We're glad you asked that question! You're not likely to have problems by taking your Holy Tea the "wrong" way, but you can get the best results by taking it the "best" way according to the directions.

You will get the optimum effects from Holy Tea by drinking it shortly before or after breakfast and supper (or lunch and supper) as the directions suggest. We recommend drinking Holy Tea with the two largest meals of the day.

It is best to drink Holy Tea at a temperature which is close to your body temperature.

But you can still drink it hot or cold, and you can still drink it between meals or at night before bed, if you so choose. But if you drink your Holy Tea without eating some food, you are more likely to experience some soft stools later on.

Dr. Miller also recommends that you drink an extra 4 ounces of Holy Tea with a snack, if you wish.

You are more likely to get some relief from heartburn or acid reflux if you drink your Holy Tea with a meal, as stated in the directions on the label. It is best to drink your Holy Tea with the two largest meals of the day - and especially when you have eaten way too much food at some special occasion. (It may also help to drink Holy Tea to aid your body in detoxing itself after any excess ingestion of alcoholic beverages. This might help reduce the effects of a "hangover".)

Since drinking any liquid during a meal will tend to dilute the stomach acid which is meant to be digesting the food, we suggest that you drink your Holy Tea about 15 to 20 minutes before eating, so that the liquid has time to pass through your empty stomach before you ingest your food. As we get older, we produce less and less stomach acid, which means we do not fully digest our food. This can lead to digestive problems.

Dr. Miller often recommends that some people drink a mixture of 3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and 1 teaspoon of baking soda in a few ounces of water just before eating a large meal. The acetic acid in the vinegar helps digest the food. The baking soda is alkaline, which helps reduce the high acidity of the vinegar to about the same strength as normal human stomach acid (it may produce some bubbles and gas when you first mix the acidic and alkaline ingredients together). If you are experiencing digestive problems you might want to try Dr. Miller's idea. (This is NOT to be considered as "medical advice". Dr. Miller has a Ph.D. in nutritional science, but is not a medical doctor.)

Digestive ailments can also be caused by not thoroughly chewing our food, because we eat too fast and are often distracted by other things while eating. This sends larger chunks of food to the stomach, where the stomach acid is not able to reach the inner part of those larger pieces of food. So undigested meat and vegetable matter is sent through the intestines, where the meat rots and the vegetables ferment as intestinal bacteria and yeast feed upon it. Several species of pathogenic bacteria which produce poisonous toxins feed on undigested animal meat in the colon.

If you eat your meals without external distractions, eat more slowly, focus on the food, take smaller mouthfuls and take time to "relish" the taste and texture, and chew each mouthful thorougly at least 30 times, you will likely experience better digestion and fewer digestive problems. Wolfing down your food does not do you good, and does not honor the time and effort the cook put into making your meal.

I Have Trouble Drinking Liquids, So How Can I Drink Holy Tea?

This is not a common question, but it's important to Holy Tea users who have this problem. There IS an answer!

First, you could follow the brewing instructions for METHOD #2 to make a quart of the Holy Tea 4x CONCENTRATE instead of a full gallon of regular-strength Holy Tea. Then you could add just 2 ounces of the Concentrate to other liquids such as fruit juices, broths, or soups if you are able to drink those liquids. Or just drink 2 ounces of the concentrated Holy Tea with a meal, if you are able to. It really doesn't matter HOW you get the essence of the herbal ingredients into your body, so you could mix 2 ounces of the concentrated Holy Tea with just about any kind of food, such as cereal or porridge or spaghetti sauce or chili. It does not have a strong flavor, so it can be blended without any significant change to the flavor of the food.

Remember to keep the Holy Tea bags in the concentrate after you make it, so that the herbs can keep infusing the liquid and keep it at full strength.

DO NOT put the Holy Tea concentrate into foods before they are about to be cooked at high temperatures. Add it AFTER they have been cooked and cooled to less than the boiling temperature of water (100 degrees Centigrade or 212 degrees Fahrenheit).

A second method we recommend ONLY if you just cannot use the first method above...
you could cut open the unbleached paper tea bags and remove the edible herbs, then sprinkle some into other foods such as broths, soups, salads, stews, sauces, or cereals. You will have to experiment with the actual dosage, so start with a very SMALL portion of a bag and increase it very gradually until you see or feel some results. You might consider that the herbs in two Holy Tea bags would normally be taken over a 7 or 8 day period, so you might start with dividing the herbs from two bags into 8 portions and take one portion or less each day - half a portion with each of two meals.

Note that when you make the Holy Tea by steeping in hot water, you do not get a full 100% of the essence of the herbs being infused into the liquid - and some still remains in the bags. So eating whole herbs right from a fresh, dry bag will obviously put a stronger dose into your stomach. Thus you should eat even less of the fresh herbs until you discover how they affect you personally.

Start SLOW with a small dose at first! Eating the fresh dry herb mixture might be irritating to your stomach because the chemical compounds in the herbs have not yet been extracted and mixed together in hot water as they were designed to be. Some serve as a buffer to the Persimmon leaf, which some people have found to irritate their stomach lining when taken alone without a buffering agent like the compounds found in Malva leaf or Marsh Mallow leaf.

Using the first method above would give you more precise control over how much Holy Tea to take with each meal. We strongly suggest you try the first method as directed, and only try eating the dry herbs if using the concentrated Holy Tea liquid just won't work for you.

Can't I Just Put One Bag of Holy Tea Into a Cup of Hot Water?

We're glad this isn't a frequently asked question, but it needs an explanation so that no one else will make this mistake.

To use one bag of Holy Tea to make just one cup of tea would be an expensive way to take your Holy Tea! It is a special kind of healing tea, and NOT a regular kind of tea.

Two bags should make a whole GALLON of Holy Tea. Using a full bag to make one cup or one pot of hot tea would make your Holy Tea too WEAK because it normally takes four to six HOURS before a quart or gallon of water is fully infused with the essence of the herbs.

Making Holy Tea by the cup or teapot would not allow you to produce a mixture of the proper strength. And you would use up your week's supply of two bags in one day!

And we definitely DO NOT recommend putting just one bag of Holy Tea into a cup of hot water, and then removing the bag to re-use again several times over several days. DON'T DO IT! There are always spores of molds and fungi floating in the air, and they love to grow on damp plant material and paper - such as wet herbs and wet paper tea bags! You really don't want to be re-using the Holy Tea tea bags (or any kind of tea bags) for days at a time because they would never dry out and could end up with an almost invisible toxic mold growing on them.

Yes, the Holy Tea instructions do tell you to dry out the used bags and sprinkle the dried herbs into foods, but they will dry out in about ONE DAY so the chance of any airborne mold spores growing on the damp bags is minimal. But keeping damp bags for two or more days would increase the risk of contamination.

The tiny white or grayish-white and feathery-looking Aspergillus mold which often grows in damp basements and damp walls and humidifier reservoirs (and on tree nuts and grains like wheat and corn stored in humid conditions) produces a strong toxin called Aflatoxin which can cause a dangerous lung infection or other diseases. The mold itself can be killed by cooking or boiling, but once the TOXIN has been produced it can NOT be destroyed simply by boiling it in water, such as when making hot tea. So don't give the mold a chance to grow on any kind of tea bags that have been damp for more than a day or two! If you discover that ANY kind of tea bag or nut or whole grain has been exposed to moisture at some unknown time, you should play it safe and put it in the garbage! (And don't give it to a dog or bird, because Aflatoxin is a deadly poison for those two particular species of animal!)

How Long Does It Take to See Results After Taking Holy Tea?

This is another frequently asked question that does not have a definite answer.

As mentioned above, everybody has a different body and different health conditions, so no one can predict exactly when you will see or feel some results after drinking Holy Tea for the first time.

It will also depend on how much Holy Tea you drink each day, and on how well you follow the directions. Also, there are some health conditions that don't appear to be affected at first, but could suddenly appear to improve a few weeks or months later, after the body completes its detoxification process.

We can tell you that about 7 or 8 out of 10 people who buy the one-week trial pack of Holy Tea seem to notice some results within a few days to a week - which is why the Holy Tea Club is confident in offerring a sample package of the product. The most common report is that the Holy Tea users just feel better, with more physical energy and increased mental clarity and focus. Others report a lessening or disappearance of heartburn or acid reflux.

If you are constipated you are likely to start having a normal bowel movement within a day or two, maybe the very next day. Holy Tea has a safe and mild but very effective laxative effect. As your colon health improves, you should have a bowel movement once or twice per day - one for each large meal you consume.

Note that starting with half the recommended daily dose may not provide enough of the herbs to deal with constipation, so increase the dose if you are not seeing results in a day or two. Or if the constipation is causing discomfort or pain and you want relief as soon as possible, then just start with the regular dose of two glasses of Holy Tea per day - or more.

If you have intestinal parasites like tapeworms or roundworms you might see them coming out with your bowel movements within a few days. One user told us that three days after starting on Holy Tea, she saw a one-foot worm in her toilet. Roundworms are the most common parasitic nematode in North America, and the adults are typically 12 to 15 inches long. Tapeworms are a type of flatworm, more diamond-shaped in appearance, and can typically be 1 to 3 feet in length, or even much longer. You likely would not realize you had worms until you start drinking Holy Tea and these parasites start to move and come out of you!

If you experience an itchiness around the area of the anus, it might be caused by irritating toxins coming out onto the tender skin in that area. But it's also possible that you might have had harmless pinworms (also called threadworms) which normally come out only at night when you are asleep. But now they might be driven out during the day and a sticky fluid excreted by the adult female worms causes an irritating itch. Wash your anal area with a mild soap and water to remove the fluid and any worms and their tiny eggs, but use a paper towel or old cloth you can throw in the trash so that you do not spread any live eggs or tiny pinworms to your hands or body, or infect other persons. Pinworm eggs are highly infectious.

As the Holy Tea stimulates your body to begin ridding itself of the toxins that have accumulated, you may notice within about a week that you have more mental focus and clarity and feel a little more energy than before. But during the initial "detox" period you MIGHT actually feel a little worse for a few days before you start to feel better than before. See "What Are the Effects of a Detox?" below.

This is why we recommend that you START SLOW and at the outset just drink half the daily dose of Holy Tea recommended in the directions. Then gradually increase the amount you drink per day to the recommended two glasses per day for adults. By starting gradually, you can lessen the chance that you will experience any uncomfortable detox symptoms when your body tries to throw off toxins faster than it can actually excrete them in the urine and stools and sweat.

While Holy Tea has helped many people lose excess fat and cellulite and little lumps of fat, it is not really a "lose weight fast" product. Dr. Miller has a fat burner product designed for more rapid weight loss, and which works well when taken in conjunction with Holy Tea (and may be available soon).

Some Holy Tea users have lost 3 to 7 pounds in the first month, while others do not see much weight loss in the first month at all. Everyone is unique, and your results may vary.

You will eventually lose weight as the impacted fecal matter in your colon gets cleared out, and when your body's fat cells release stored fat to expel the toxins that have been stored in the fat cells for years. Please be patient, and don't expect a "quick fix" to a problem that took years to create.

Sometimes little masses of fat that appear like spongy, painless cysts form under the skin of the arms, legs, or abdomen to serve as depositories of toxins that the body cannot completely get rid of. When the body begins to detoxify, the toxins and fats may come out of those "lumps" and they may begin to shrink or disappear.

The users who have lost 60 or 80 pounds were drinking Holy Tea every day for six to eight months or more. Obviously, the bigger your belly, the more impacted fecal matter has enlarged your colon and made your belly bulge, and the longer it will take to clean it all out and let your abdomen shrink back to normal size. Keep drinking your Holy Tea every day, and soon enough you will be very glad you did!

Why Am I Not Noticing Any Results Yet?

That's a difficult question, because everybody is different and gets different results at different times. And they may be brewing the Holy Tea and drinking it in different ways.

When you start slowly with HALF the recommended dose, at first you may not experience the desired results. We only recommend starting slow with a reduced dosage for a few days to minimize the possible "detox" effects which might make a new user decide to give up too soon and then miss out on the many benefits the Holy Tea will soon provide. People who are not familiar with "detoxing" may think the Holy Tea is making them sick! Actually, it's helping them get better, but it's hard for them to believe that if they are feeling worse for a while.

It's a question of getting some fast results versus possibly getting some discomfort from a detox reaction. Starting with a low dose is just being cautious, and the regular dose should be taken after one to three days of getting used to the Holy Tea.

You need to build up your daily intake of Holy Tea to the two 8-ounce glasses per day recommended in the directions. This is the dosage needed for it to work properly, and you can expect to see or feel some improvements in your health and well-being within about a week after taking the regular daily dose of two glasses per day.

The most commonly noticed improvements are more energy and less fatigue, more mental clarity and less lack of focus, improvements in the condition or appearance of the skin, and more regularity in one's bowel movements.

Make sure you have brewed your Holy Tea according to the directions, and not made it too WEAK to be effective! Using just one bag will not make the Holy Tea strong enough, for it was designed to be made with two bags. You will simply not be ingesting enough of the herbal ingredients to do you good. Two of the Holy Tea bags should be used to make one U.S. gallon of Holy Tea liquid - which is 4 quarts, or about 4 litres.

If you have not read or understood the Directions, and just put one bag of Holy Tea into one cup or a teapot of hot water as you do with regular teas, you have not allowed the required 4 to 6 hours for the herbs to fully infuse the water with the herbal ingredients. So your serving of Holy Tea would have been much too WEAK to do any good, and all the helpful herbal ingredients got thrown out with the used bag!

Do not assume that you can just take a small amount of Holy Tea and expect to experience its healing effects. That would be like taking half an aspirin for a headache when the directions say you need to take one whole pill, not half a pill.

If you are taking the recommended dose of Holy Tea at the proper strength and are still not noticing any results after a week, then you may be someone who needs to take a higher dose - especially if you have a large body. Don't be afraid to drink more than two glasses of Holy Tea per day, or make your Holy Tea with a half-gallon of water instead of a whole gallon so you get a larger dose of the herbal ingredients in each glass.

Increase the dose each day until you experience some soft stools, and then reduce it a little. That may be the correct dose for you and your body.

On the other hand, if you are a very healthy person with fewer stored toxins than most, the detoxing may not produce any noticeable effects for you. But you still have toxins that need to be removed, and are taking in new ones every day; so keep drinking your Holy Tea to keep feeling healthy!

Why Aren't I Losing Weight Yet?

This question comes from people who tried Holy Tea to lose weight without dieting.

If you thought that Holy Tea was a "lose weight fast without having to diet" product, and expected to lose a lot of weight in the first few weeks, then we have to say that some people DO lose 7 to 10 pounds in the first month, but most do not lose weight that fast.

You may wish to take Dr. Miller's fat burner product designed for more rapid weight loss, and which works well when taken in conjunction with Holy Tea. (Available soon.)

Holy Tea contains Persimmon leaves, which contain a chemical compound which binds to fat, so some of the fat you consume does not get absorbed.

By drinking Holy Tea every day, you will lose weight over time as the impacted fecal matter in your colon and small intestine are gradually cleared out. And you will lose some fat all over your body as the toxins come out of your fat cells and some of the fat comes out along with them.

Some users who drank Holy Tea daily for eight to ten months did lose 60 to 80 pounds or more, but Holy Tea is really more of a colon-cleansing and whole-body detox product than a weight loss product. We believe the Holy Tea Club will soon be introducing a weight loss product too, so visit here again in a few weeks!

Click here to see more about Holy Tea and weight loss.

Click here to read some testimonials about weight loss.

Be aware that some conditions are not going to improve with the "quick fix" we all hope for. They can take some time to resolve, and you may suddenly experience some improvement after a few weeks or even a few months of drinking Holy Tea each day.

The goal is to heal your body and return to optimum health - and it's worth doing even if it takes a long time.

The alternative is to do nothing and keep getting silently sicker until some really unpleasant symptoms make you suffer enough to pay attention to your state of health. And then you might have to endure some treatments that are much more difficult and discomforting and much more expensive than simply drinking Dr. Miller's Holy Tea every day.

It's a question of doing something now to avoid suffering something later, isn't it? Most of us don't seem to make much of an effort to stay healthy and live a long life. We wait until we are older and sicker, popping pills and feeling pains; and then wish we had done something when we were younger so we could actually enjoy an active and healthy old age. If you retire at age 65, you may still have 20 to 30 more years to enjoy your retirement!

At least Holy Tea makes it quite easy and inexpensive to do something so important for our health and well-being.

Think of it like changing the oil filter in your automobile on a regular basis - doing a little inexpensive preventive maintenance now to avoid a costly breakdown later. Right now you won't see much of an effect after changing the oil filter, but you know what will happen later if you don't! And if you don't clean up that toxin filter called the colon, you know what will happen later. If you don't, click to read about it here... The Colon.

Is Holy Tea a Laxative?

The answer to this question is, "Holy Tea acts like a very mild laxative you can take every day, but it does so much more!"

Among other things, Holy Tea acts like a mild but effective laxative  (makes waste elimination easier by softening the stools) and a cathartic  (makes waste elimination faster). Most commercial "laxatives" are both a laxative and a cathartic.

But Holy Tea does NOT contain any harsh or irritating laxatives or cathartics like Cascara sagrada or Cassia Senna which are often used in other colon cleansing teas, colon cleaner products, cathartics, and laxatives.

If you have hard stools, uncomfortably large stools, or suffer from constipation (i.e. do not have at least one bowel movement per day), you will soon see a positive change in the texture, size, and frequency of your bowel movements. Your stools may start to pass more easily and quickly, without straining and without pain.

Some users have seen their constipation diminish after just a day or two, and felt very grateful for the "blessed relief" the Holy Tea has given them! And if constipation has been the cause of hemorrhoids, piles, and anal fissures, those little miseries may soon become a thing of the past.

Can Holy Tea Create "Bowel Dependency"?

This is a good question to ask about any kind of laxative or cathartic product, because so many of them do create bowel dependency if used for more than a week.

But our answer is: No, you can safely take Holy Tea every day for months or years without creating any "bowel dependency". It does NOT contain any of the harsh laxatives which could cause bowel dependency or "lazy-bowel syndrome".

Chronic use of stimulant laxatives may lead to "lazy-bowel syndrome" - a dependence on laxatives or cathartics to have any bowel movement at all, when the muscles of the stomach and intestines lose their ability to contract without being artifically stimulated by the laxative.

While the continued use of many herbal laxatives and prescription laxatives can result in "bowel dependency" or "lazy bowel syndrome", the herbs in Holy Tea DO NOT cause these effects. When used according to the directions, Holy Tea can be taken continually for weeks, months, or years.

Many herbal laxatives and/or cathartics contain Senna, known by the botanical names Cassia angustifolia and Cassia acutifolia in the plant family Caesalpinaceae. Its common names include Cassia Senna, Indian Senna, Egyptian Senna, Nubian Senna, Alexandrian Senna, Khartoum Senna, and Tinnervelly Senna. Cassia Senna is an irritant and strong cathartic that should not be taken for more than one week because it can create bowel dependency. Cassia Senna can also irritate sensitive areas of the bowel and should not be taken by persons with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), Chrohn's disease, colitis, or diverticulitis.

Holy Tea does NOT contain Senna or Cassia. It does contain Chinese Mallow, which is a demulcent often used as an extra ingredient in those Senna laxatives to help counteract the irritating effects of the Senna on the stomach and intestines.

Another harsh cathartic known as Cascara sagrada or Rhamnus Purshiana Bark or Sacred Bark or California Buckthorn contains compounds called anthroquinones which stimulate strong contractions of the bowel muscles. Cascara sagrada should not be taken for more than 7 days because it can create bowel dependency.

Cascara sagrada could also cause some severe side effects such as abdominal pain, severe cramps, bloating, bloody diarrhea, liver toxicity, urine discoloration, electrolyte imbalance, nausea, and loss of body fluids. Cascara sagrada should NOT be taken by children; or by women who are pregnant or nursing; or persons with liver or kidney disease, heart disease, diverticular diseases, colitis, Crohn's disease, severe hemorrhoids, or an abdominal hernia; or when appendicitis is suspected; or by persons taking cardiac glycosides drugs such as Digitalis. Ingesting a large amount of anthroquinones or ingesting the fresh Cascara sagrada bark can cause vomiting and bloody diarrhea, so commercial laxatives containing Cascara use bark which is aged for at least a year or subjected to heat treatment.

Holy Tea does NOT contain Cascara sagrada or any harsh laxatives or cathartics which could create bowel dependency or harmful side-effects.

Will I Have to Run to the Toilet?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions about Holy Tea. The answer is, "No, you won't."

When the Holy Tea starts to stimulate the regular movement of waste through your digestive tract, you will feel a normal urge to have a bowel movement.

You won't have to quickly run to the toilet to avoid an "accident" as you would with a case of diarrhea or when taking a strong laxative. But you should start thinking about heading for a bathroom once you feel the urge.

Holy Tea acts like a very mild laxative and cathartic when used according to the directions; but if you have taken a much larger or stronger dose of Holy Tea than recommended, you may experience the same kind of effect as when taking too much of a laxative.

If you were constipated, this "urge" may seem different than what you had become accustomed to. But it's "normal" and you will soon get used to knowing when you need to have a normal bowel movement. And you won't be spending as much time on the toilet. A normal bowel movement should only take a few minutes, and start naturally without any straining or pushing. The stools will be softer and smaller in diameter than before.

If you are worried about "having to go" while travelling or at work, you could try drinking your Holy Tea in the evening so that you are likely to have a bowel movement at home, first thing in the morning. If you do have to go while at work, note that you'll be spending much less time on the toilet than you did when you were constipated. A "normal" bowel movement will only take a few minutes.

If you are afraid that you might suddenly "have to go" when no bathroom facilities are available, then you may want to initially start taking your Holy Tea when you are going to be staying at home on a weekend. You will soon see how the Tea affects your own bowel movements, and the amount of time you have between the time the "urge" is felt and the time you really need to get to a toilet.

Most likely you will find that there was nothing to worry about, but you may want to "play it safe" when you first start taking your Holy Tea and learn how it is going to affect your bowel movements.

Does Holy Tea Cause Diarrhea?

This is a question that arises when someone mistakes softer stools for diarrhea, which is something completely different that is explained in detail below. You need to know because real diarrhea can be dangerous if it continues for three days in an adult, and it is dangerous to babies who have diarrhea for even one day. Diarrhea can cause severe dehydration, so drink lots of extra water if you have diarrhea, even if you think it will just "go through you". The article at the "real diarrhea" link above also lists conditions which could require immediate medical attention.

NO.  Holy Tea does not cause diarrhea. But it has mild laxative and cathartic properties that can cause soft stools or loose stools in some users if too much Holy Tea is taken before getting used to it. Start slowly with half the dose for a few days before taking the full dose of two glasses per day, and try to drink your Holy Tea shortly before or after a meal, rather than drinking it between meals.

Eating a raw apple (including the skin) can help avoid loose stools because the pectin in apple skins helps absorb excess moisture in the colon. The apple fruit is also high in fiber and the important minerals magnesium and potassium, and also contains a powerful antioxidant called quercetin.

Note that drinking the Holy Tea at night or between meals can sometimes result in "soft stools" or "loose stools" which are more mushy or thinner than usual. This is why the instructions say to take your Holy Tea with a meal.

But this is NOT "diarrhea" and is not a problem you need to worry about. But it is a little "icky" and you may want to avoid it by taking your Holy Tea with food, just before or just after a meal.

Holy Tea does not cause diarrhea - although drinking too much can cause the otherwise normal brown stools to be thinner or mushier. How much is "too much", you will have to learn from experience, since every person's body and health conditions are different.

A "normal" stool should have a diameter about half the size of your own wrist and have a consistency like toothpaste from a tube. If you were constipated and were used to excreting larger-than-normal stools that sometimes plugged up the toilet, and suffered from painful bowel movements, rectal bleeding, anal fissures, piles or hemhorroids, then you might think that the Holy Tea has caused you to have "thin" stools - even though they really are "normal" stools.

Note that actual diarrhea is a medical condition that can be caused by many things - such those listed below, or by any of 600 pharmaceutical drugs which list diarrhea as a side effect. Click on the "diarrhea" link in this paragraph to learn about the four types of diarrhea and the many possible causes of diarrhea, steatorrhea, dysentery, and enteritis.

Sometimes, a stressful event in your life or the kind of food or water you have recently ingested (as mentioned below) can provide a clue to the real cause of the diarrhea.

So don't be too quick to blame the Holy Tea, for it is not likely to be guilty of causing diarrhea. Soft stools or loose stools, perhaps, but not diarrhea. Follow the directions for using Holy Tea, and it will not likely cause diarrhea.

The usual suspects are contaminated water from wells, streams, or lakes; high-fat foods; too much food in one meal; too much coffee or alcohol; contaminated shellfish (oysters, shrimp, crabs), rice, pasta, or fresh-pressed cider; or undercooked or improperly stored eggs, egg salad, and poultry. Some of the microbial infections listed here may be accompanied by cramps, nausea, vomiting, or blood in the stools; but a milder infection by the same microbe may only manifest with diarrhea (very mushy or watery stools) as its only noticeable symptom.

The following list of possible causes of diarrhea is for general information only, and is not intended to provide any medical diagnosis or medical advice. Consult your medical doctor if you have diarrhea, especially if it lasts for more than a day.

  • Eating too large a meal can overtax the ability of the colon to do its regular job of absorbing 90% of the water from the passing fecal matter. Since the stool normally contains the remaining 10% of the water, if the colon is only able to absorb 85% instead of 90%, that extra 5% remaining in the stools would actually increase their water content by 50% and cause soft stools or even watery diarrhea. And absorbing only 80% would increase the water content of the stools by a full 100%.
  • Excess stress from work or home life, or sudden changes like job loss, loss of a spouse or lover, death of a loved one, or a change in location, can cause diarrhea.
  • A sudden change in diet can also cause diarrhea. It can be caused by eating unfamiliar foods while traveling - or even dining a restaurant in your home town which serves "foreign" foods containing ingredients or spices to which your body has not become accustomed.
  • Ingesting substances which irritate the lining of the intestines, such as chemical additives in processed foods or certain spicy foods, can cause diarrhea.
  • Eating too much food which is excessively high in fats or oils (including nuts and processed foods) can cause soft stools, or diarrhea which appears oily or shiny because it contains undigested fats.
  • Consuming poorly absorbed carbohydrates such as lactose, sorbitol, or xylitol can cause soft stools or diarrhea.
  • An excess intake of caffeine or alcohol can cause diarrhea. These are toxins which interfere with the colon's ability to extract water and electrolytes from the feces. (Caffeine can also cause constipation in smaller doses.)
  • A high concentration of various species of Candida yeast in the intestines can cause watery diarrhea. Millions of people in North America have an overgrowth of Candida yeast in their digestive tract, primarily caused by taking antibiotic drugs or corticosteroids which kill the beneficial probiotic bacteria which naturally control the yeast and pathogenic bacteria.
  • Microbial Parasites like the protozoa Giardia lamblia, Cryptosporidium parvum, Cyclospora, Dientamoeba fragilis, Entamoeba histolytica, Isospora belli or Strongyloides can cause very watery and foul-smelling diarrhea.
  • A Cryptosporidium parvum infection with watery diarrhea is usually transmitted by insufficiently filtered water, but outbreaks have been traced to fresh pressed apple cider and chicken salad. Most at risk for infection by this very infectious protozoa are travelers, elderly persons in a seniors residence or nursing home, and children and supervisors in daycare centers - who may infect others who come into contact with them.
  • Nematode Parasites like flukes or worms such as hookworms, whipworms, or tapeworms can causes intermittent diarrhea. You might believe it was caused by some food, spice or herb you recently consumed, while it was really caused by the parasite interfering with normal digestion or irritating the lining of the intestine.
  • Pathogenic Bacteria like Salmonella, Shigella, Listeria, Campylobacter or Escherichia coli can cause diarrhea.
  • Eating food made from eggs or poultry which was undercooked or improperly stored at room temperature can result in a Salmonella infection and watery diarrhea. Mayonnaise made from eggs can be infected with Salmonella, which grows rapidly if sandwiches, salads, veggie dips, chip dips, or devilled eggs containing mayonnaise are left out at room temperature, or at a picnic or other outdoor gathering.
  • A toxic strain of E. Coli, Escherichia coli O157:H7 or EHEC, is one of the most common bacterial causes of diarrhea. A severe infection produces sudden abdominal cramps and watery diarrhea which becomes bloody, often accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and fever. A mild infection may only present as diarrhea. Outbreaks have occurred in the USA, associated with poorly cooked meat in fast-food restaurants, unpasteurized apple cider, swimming in public pools and lakes, person-to-person contact in day care centers and nursing homes, and consumption of raw vegetables (including alfalfa sprouts and potatoes).
  • Clostridium perfringens bacteria produce an enterotoxin that is a frequent cause of food poisoning and watery diarrhea in institutions serving cooked but improperly-stored meats.
  • Bacillus cereus bacteria found in improperly-stored rice and pasta produce a toxin that can cause very watery diarrhea.
  • Eating seafood (especially crabs, oysters and shrimp) which were infected with Vibrio cholera bacteria. This bacteria produces a toxin that causes watery diarrhea.
  • Taking certain antibiotic drugs and anti-HIV drugs can cause diarrhea. The most frequently involved antibiotics are ampicillin, other penicillin derivatives, cephalosporins, and clindamycin.
  • Taking certain pharmaceutical drugs, particularly antiarrhythmics and antimetabolites, can also cause diarrhea. Over 600 medications list diarrhea as a side-effect.
  • Clostridium difficile associated diarrhea accounts for 15% to 20% of all antibiotic associated diarrhea. This bacteria is found ubiquitously in soil, water, hospitals and health care institutions. C. difficile associated diarrhea may not manifest until 6 to 8 weeks after the person stops taking antibiotics.
  • Abuse of laxatives or prolonged use of laxatives can cause diarrhea.
  • Inflamatory bowel diseases (ulcerative colitis, or Crohn’s colitis) and irritable bowel syndrome can cause diarrhea.
  • Other chronic diseases can cause diarrhea. Typically, diarrhea begins after 8 years of diabetes mellitus. Hyperthyroidism  is associated with chronic diarrhea.
  • A change in drinking water and food preparation methods, such as when traveling abroad or camping outdoors, can cause diarrhea. Residents often develop a resistance to the microbes found in their local water and food, but may be susceptible to infection by a different variety of the same species (such as E. Coli) found in the water and food when they travel to a new location.
  • The most common pathogens which cause traveler's diarrhea, in order of decreasing frequency, include: enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli (ETEC), enteroaggregrative E coli (EAEC), Shigella species, Campylobacter jejuni, Rotavirus, Aeromonas species, Plesiomonas shigelloides, Salmonella species, noncholera Vibrios, and Noravirus. Protozoa parasites like Giardia, Cryptosporidium, and Microsporidia are less frequent causes of traveler’s diarrhea.
    Although travelers usually try to avoid local water contaminated with E. Coli bacteria, or the Giardia or Cryptosporidium parasites, contaminated food may be a more frequent vehicle of transmission for bacteria and viruses than the drinking water.

Two of the natural herbal ingredients in Holy Tea, Malva leaf and Marsh Mallow, have been used as a demulcent (protective of and soothing to delicate mucus membranes) for hundreds of years. Both are of the same plant family as the beautiful Hibiscus flower. The leaves and stems actually produce a slippery plant polar glycoprotein called mucilage which coats and soothes the lining of the throat, stomach, and intestines, so it is unlikely that the Holy Tea itself would irritate the lining of your intestines.

The herb called Marsh Mallow or "Chinese Mallow" has long been used as the main ingredient in lozenges to soothe irritation of the throat and tonsils. The original "marshmallow" was a medicinal lozenge that sometimes contained sugar to make it taste better for children and other users, but now bears no resemblence to the modern marshmallow which is made as a candy.

What Does Real Diarrhea Look Like?

Good question! It helps to know what real diarrhea looks like, because diarrhea can be dangerous if it continues for three days in a row. It can cause severe dehydration, and is sometimes caused by a bacterial infection or parasite infection or other medical condition that will require medical treatment.

Diarrhea is the production of overly watery stools which contain undigested fats and/or carbohydrates. They often float because they contain gasses released by intestinal bacteria and yeast which ferment the undigested carbohydrates, or because the undigested fat in the stools is lighter than water.

They may look shiny or greasy and are often light-colored, or even whitish or yellowish in color, like fat. The stools may also have an extremely foul odor if they contain a lot of rancid, decomposing fat. Watery stools with a much higher fat content than normal are called Steatorrhea.

By the way, the words "fat" and "oil" when used to describe foods mean the same thing. The only difference is that a fat is an oil that is normally solid at room temperature - like animal fat, lard, butter, or coconut oil. Coconut oil is a fat at room temperature, but becomes an oil at temperatures above 76 degrees Fahrenheit (and extra-virgin coconut oil is also one of the healthiest "fats").

Real diarrhea or steatorrhea causes an excessive loss of water (dehydration) which can be dangerous to adults if it continues for more than two days (and is particularly dangerous to babies because it causes a sudden loss of fluids that can be fatal). If your diarrhea persists for more than 48 hours (or if you have a fever over 101 F), or if your baby even begins to have diarrhea, you should consult your health practitioner immediately. And drink lots of water to avoid dehydration!

If you experience soft stools or loose stools even after drinking your Holy Tea with meals instead of alone, REDUCE the amount of Holy Tea you drink per day until you find the amount that works best for you.

You could also try eating a raw apple or two because the pectin in apple skins absorbs water and thus can make the stools firmer. (Apples are a good source of magnesium and powerful antioxidant flavonoids like quercetin or quercitin, and also help reduce the absorption of bad LDL cholesterol.)

But if your stools are still too large or too hard, or if you are not having the normal one or two bowel movements per day, then you could INCREASE the amount of Holy Tea you drink per day to help deal with the constipation. Remember, it is normal to have one or more bowel movements each and every day, just like a baby who has a clean digestive tract. If you don't, then you are likely suffering from constipation.

What Are the Effects of a Detox?

This is a good question to ask when taking Holy Tea, because most people have never done a "detox". They don't know how the body rids itself of toxins, and don't realize what can happen while the body is throwing off accumulated toxins.

Since the main function of Holy Tea is to "detox" the body by stimulating it to get rid of everything that doesn't belong there, it's important to be aware of the possible symptoms or effects of the detoxification process.

First, please understand that detoxification is a healing process.

Most people don't realize that the body heals itself of a viral infection (like the Flu) by raising its temperature to produce what we call "a fever". And we feel lethargic, so we lay down and rest.

We think the fever is "bad" - but it's really doing us good! That's because the virus cannot multiply as quickly at the higher body temperature, which gives the immune system time to build up an overwhelming attack on the invading virus. It may be uncomfortable for a while to have a fever, but it would be counterproductive to take a medicine like aspirin to bring down the fever when the fever is what's helping us heal! We should be glad we got a fever, because if we didn't we might die.

The same kind of thing happens when we detox our body to get rid of the things that make us sick. We might feel worse for a while when the toxins come into our bloodstream so they can be transported to places where the body can excrete them, but soon we'll be feeling better when they are gone for good!

Since Holy Tea is a "detoxifying" herbal tea, you might experience the usual effects or symptoms of a "detox" as the toxins that have accumulated in your body are expelled through the sweat glands of your skin and scalp, or through a nasal discharge of excess mucus, or through coughing up mucus from your lungs - as well as being excreted in your bowel movements and through urination.

Note that ANY kind of body "detox" (including the ones triggered by many other herbal detox products, fasting, detox diets, or even starting to eat a new high-grade whole-food supplement) can sometimes produce "detox effects" or "symptoms of a detox" which can be uncomfortable or a little unpleasant for a while.

This "healing crisis" has a name: the Herxheimer Reaction.

We want to be completely up-front and honest about what might happen when you "detox" your body with Holy Tea (or any other kind of detox program) so that you are fully aware of what to expect while you are in the process of detoxifying your body.

But please understand that "detox effects" are not noticed at all by many people, and YOU may not even notice any kind of discomfort yourself.

We don't want to worry you about what might or might NOT happen when you detox your body; but we do want to warn you because it would be a shame to stop your detoxification and colon cleansing because you assumed that the Holy Tea was making you feel bad - while it was really helping you to feel better!

It could come down to the question: "Do I want to feel some possible minor discomfort now, or feel some possible major pain later on if I don't do something now?"

Getting all the toxins and parasites out of your body is so important to your health and well-being that it is definitely worth any discomfort that might occur. If the toxins and parasites aren't already causing you some discomfort, eventually they could cause some serious suffering that could be avoided by detoxing your body now.

Don't let any temporary detox effects discourage you from continuing your detox program. Drugs your doctor prescribes can sometimes make you feel worse for a while; but you have faith that they will make you better, so you endure the side-effects. Have some faith in Dr. Miller and his Holy Tea, for the detoxing is a natural and necessary part of your healing process.

Soon enough you can expect to experience the kind of health and vitality you had before the accumulation of toxins made you feel less mentally focused and physically energetic and emotionally optimistic and happy than you were meant to be. Once you begin to feel so much better, you will be very glad you went through the detoxification process.

And remember, most people do NOT experience any uncomfortable detox symptoms when drinking Holy Tea. You may be one of them.

What is the "Herxheimer Reaction"?

Nobody has actually asked us this question yet, but since we mentioned the Herxheimer Reaction in the answer above, you may be asking it yourself, so we should explain it here in more detail.

Experiencing "detox effects" or "a healing crisis" is officially known as the "Herxheimer Reaction".

This reaction can occur if the body tries to eliminate stored toxins at a faster rate than it can properly dispose of those toxins. The more toxins that have accumulated in your body, the more likely you could experience the Herxheimer Reaction.

This is why it is best to start with a lower dose of Holy Tea for the first few days so that you don't start eliminating the toxins too quickly. A gradual start can help you avoid any unpleasant effects of the detoxing process.

Yeast often release toxins as they die, and when a large number of yeast are being killed off, their toxins can create some discomfort while the "yeast die-off" is taking place. This might produce some symptoms similar to a mild case of the Flu. If you have a yeast overgrowth, the greater number of dying yeast organisms can produce a greater amount of toxins, so you might feel a little worse for a while before you start to feel better - but this is just part of the healing process. Keep drinking your Holy Tea and you will soon be feeling better than before!

Similarly, when pathogenic bacteria are killed off, they can release endotoxins which might make you feel worse for a while until the toxins are cleared out of your body.

The fat cells are a storehouse for many toxins which the body was not able to eliminate. During the detoxification process, these toxins start to come out of the fat cells and enter the bloodstream, where they can make you feel worse for a while until they are filtered out by the kidneys and excreted in the urine.

You can help speed up the elimination of toxins by drinking 2 to 4 quarts of pure water each day. You should drink that amount of water every day, but it is especially important to drink lots of water while you are starting your detox with Holy Tea. Now would be a good time to drink some high-quality bottled water instead of regular tap water.

If you feel fatigued while the toxins are circulating in your blood, give your body some extra time to rest and heal itself.

If you are able to, going out for a walk every day and letting your arms swing free will help move the waste materials and toxins through your lymphatic system and out of your body. The circulatory system has its own pump called the heart, but the lymphatic system has no pump. It relies on body movement to move the waste material, so not moving much means you will have more toxins in your body. Get out and walk for at least 15 minutes a day and you will soon start noticing you feel better! It's even more important while you are going through the detoxification process to help your body move out those accumulated toxins!

The directions on the label say to take two 8-ounce glasses of Holy Tea per day, but it may be best to start with a smaller amount of Holy Tea per day so that you do not trigger any strong symptoms of a detox or yeast die-off, which may help avoid any initial discomfort.

If you do experience detox symptoms such as a rash, itching skin or scalp, or body odor (from toxins being released through your skin), excess mucus, headaches, or slight cramping, reduce the amount you drink per day until the detox symptoms subside, then gradually increase the amount back to two glasses per day (or more) as your body adjusts to the Holy Tea.

What Do Most Users Experience Soon After Drinking Holy Tea?

This is a frequently asked question about Holy Tea that many people want to know about. What are the good things and possible bad things that might happen when they drink Dr. Miller's Holy Tea?

The "good news" is that most users of Holy Tea who take it according to the instructions do not experience any uncomfortable detox effects at all. But the more toxins you have stored in your body over the years, the more toxins are going to be coming out! That's a GOOD thing, even if it's uncomfortable for a while. If you DO feel worse for a while, that's a sign that the Holy Tea is WORKING as it should.

Soon after drinking Holy Tea on a daily basis, the majority of users report things like relief from constipation, acid reflux (heartburn) or abdominal cramps and gas; having more regular bowel movements with well-formed normal stools; and feeling more energy and mental clarity as the toxins get expelled.

Sometimes the improvements in energy and mental clarity are subtle at first, but soon you may be saying to yourself, "I just feel BETTER than I have for years!" And when you feel even a little more energy, you might stop making that old "I'm just too tired" excuse for not doing the things you would enjoy doing - and actually get out and do them!

Some Holy Tea users report seeing worms and other unusual things like small gallstones in the toilet after having a bowel movement. Users who had food allergies or cravings for carbs and sugars sometimes report that the allergies and cravings go away after a while. This is probably a result of reducing the Candida yeast overgrowth that was the underlying cause of these symptoms.

There are a multitude of ailments and health conditions that can be caused by an unhealthy colon full of toxic impacted fecal matter (mucoid plaque), parasites, and an over-abundance of Candida yeast. Helping to restore your colon to a healthy state may help you find relief from many of the symptoms of an unhealthy colon. Holy Tea is also an effective detoxifier of the liver, kidneys, lungs, blood, brain, and all soft tissues in the body.

So the simple answer to this question could be: "Most users of Holy Tea experience better health and well-being, feel more active and alive, and gain a more positive outlook on life."

What Causes an Itchy Anus?

This is not a frequently asked question about Holy Tea, but those who ask it are understandably concerned. A few new users of Holy Tea experienced itchiness around their anus. While this may be caused by irritating toxins being excreted onto a sensitive area, or by some other unknown factors; it could possibly be caused by tiny pinworms trying to escape through the anus. The egg-laying female pinworms normally wiggle out of the anus at night and secrete a sticky substance on the tender skin around the anus, whose purpose is to cause itchiness and make the sleeping or barely-awake host scratch the anal area, pick up the sticky eggs on their fingers, and later transfer them to the mouth or to the bedclothes. This causes the host to re-infect himself by swallowing the eggs, or to infect another person who shares the bed or touches their infected pyjamas, sheets, or pillow case.

If you had a pinworm infection, you probably didn't realize it. Pinworms do no real damage, but the itching sensation they produce can sometimes cause a loss of sleep. But most people are not consciously aware of the itchiness which causes them to scratch the itch while still asleep. The worms normally come out only at night (often around 2 AM), but a lot of those tiny pinworms may be driven out after drinking Holy Tea, and may then be present on the skin around your anus while you are awake, so you might suddenly be feeling the itching effects! Wash the anal area thorougly with mild soap each day to remove the tiny pinworms and their irritating secretions, and soon the itching will cease.

It would be best to use a disposable piece of cloth or a paper towel so that any surviving pinworm eggs are not later transferred from the wash cloth to your hands. They are sticky and highly infectious, and can easily infect you and others who touch them and then unknowingly transfer them from hand to mouth.

To learn more about pinworms and other intestinal parasites, click here to read a web page about parasites and worms.

What Causes Cramps?

This is another question that is not frequently asked, but is of concern to those who frequently experience abdominal cramps and hope the Holy Tea can help.

Abdominal cramps are often caused by gas being produced in the intestines by yeast and bacteria which feed on the vegetable matter in the food as it passes through. If you have a lot of yeast in your digestive tract, they can produce a lot of gas when fed carbohydrates, starches or sugars. Beans contain some undigestible sugars which the bacteria in the colon can feed upon, which is why eating beans leads to gas and flatulence.

In persons who are lactose intolerant and cannot properly digest the lactose found in cow's milk and dairy products, consuming those foods can cause uncomfortable cramps soon after eating the foods or drinking milk. While it can occur in individuals of any group, lactose intolerance is prevalent in about 25 percent of people with black African ancestors. Lactose intolerance can also occur as a result of a chronic Giardia parasite infection, or a Candida yeast overgrowth, or a lack of probiotic Lactobacillus bacteria which were killed off while taking antibiotic drugs.

But cramps or abdominal pain can sometimes be caused by other things, such as the movement of parasitic worms in the intestines.

Millions of people are infected with roundworms or tapeworms and usually are not even aware of it. Ascaris roundworms can grow to 12 or 14 inches in length, and tapeworms can grow to 3 or 4 feet in length, or more! When the Holy Tea makes them want to leave, their movements inside your intestines might cause sensations in your abdomen which may feel like cramps.

If worms or flukes have entered the ducts to other organs connected to the small or large intestine (such as the gall bladder or appendix), their movement might cause some temporary pains. This is just something you may have to endure if you want to get these parasites out of your body before they cause some serious and painful ailments. Eventually you may see the worms in the toilet after you have a bowel movement.

Some temporary cramping or abdominal pain might be felt if a chunk of the hardened, impacted fecal matter on the inside of your small intestine or colon suddenly comes loose and gets caught in the ileocolic valve, or if it irritates a sensitive area of your intestinal tract. Sometimes drinking an extra amount of Holy Tea can help loosen the chunk of fecal matter and soothe the irritation, and help it pass out through your colon and rectum and anus. We know of one case where Dr. Miller suggested drinking a whole gallon of Holy Tea in one day to a lady who had some fecal matter blocking her ileocolic valve.

How Long Should I Take Holy Tea?

We love this question, because we love the answer Dr. Miller gives to the people who ask it!

Q. "How long do you need to keep drinking Holy Tea?" 

A. "Well, how long do you expect to be breathing and eating and drinking?"

In today's world, every day you are taking new toxins into your body from your air, food, and water. There is so much pollution that it just can't be avoided.

If you want to keep eliminating all those new toxins you may want to keep drinking Holy Tea for a long time. If you smoke tobacco, you may want to keep drinking Holy Tea to help keep your lungs and body free of the more than 200 toxins contained in cigarettes. If you are a regular drinker of alcoholic beverages, you may want to keep drinking Holy Tea to help protect your liver from damage. If you are taking steroids or prescription drugs (or recreational drugs) you may want to keep drinking Holy Tea to help detoxify your body from drug residues that can cause side-effects.

It is generally safe to drink Holy Tea constantly for months or years at a time to help keep detoxing your body of the new toxins you are ingesting every day from polluted air, polluted water, and processed foods with chemical preservatives and carcinogenic food colorings.

After you have fully detoxed your body and cleansed the impacted fecal matter from your colon, you can probably reduce the amount of Holy Tea you drink to just one glass per day, or every second day.

But realize that it took many years to accumulate all that mucoid plaque in your digestive tract that is building up inside your intestines and making your belly bulge out, hindering the passage of waste material, and continually poisoning you with all the toxins that seep into your bloodstream and get carried to every organ and cell of your body. It can take many months to completely remove the build-up of old fecal matter, especially if you have a large belly.

It is vitally important to your health and well-being (and longevity) that you remove ALL of that toxic waste that is constantly poisoning you! The mucoid plaque forms a habitat and feeding ground for pathogenic bacteria which excrete their own toxins that can pass through the colon into your bloodstream and be transported to every organ in your body, including your brain.

The greater the build-up, the longer it will take. You should keep drinking your Holy Tea until your belly is as flat as a trim teenager's tummy.

Maintaining a healthy colon and digestive tract is so vitally important to your health, well-being and longevity, that it is well worth what little effort it takes to drink Holy Tea every day. The cost per day is less than a cup of regular tea or coffee in a restaurant, and you can get your Holy Tea at a discount when you join the Holy Tea Club. By recommending Holy Tea to others whom it may help, you can even get your Holy Tea for free!

What's Preventive Maintenance?

Glad you asked that question! It gives us a chance to explain why preventive maintenance is so important to your health and longevity, and why drinking Holy Tea is one of the best forms of preventive maintenance you can use.

Think of your digestive tract as being like the pipes and passages in your car engine which carry oil to all the moving parts. When dirty sludge forms in the oil and starts to clog the oil filter, it restricts the flow of the oil which is supposed to protect your engine from seizing up and being destroyed. You would not run your car or truck for years with a dirty oil filter, and a smart car owner would not change the dirty oil only half as often as the manufacturer recommended. Without proper preventive maintenance, your vehicle won't last very long. Eventually it will seize up and traumatize your budget or your bank balance.

Similarly, why would you want to leave all that dirty and toxic sludge in the "pipes" of your digestive tract for years, until it causes some painful disease and the trauma of surgery - or leads to death by colon cancer?

Holy Tea helps your colon stay clean and healthy and doing its job properly. It helps prevent the build-up of mucoid plaque in your rectum and colon and small intestine that holds toxic waste and provides a habitat and food supply for a multitude of pathogenic bacteria, parasites, and yeast. Why would you drink only half of the cleansing Tea necessary to clear out that toxic sludge - or drink it only half as often as recommended in the instructions?

When Should I Drink the Holy Tea?

This is an important question, and it's answered right on the label of every packet of 2 Holy Tea bags. But we will elaborate a little here because the directions are quite cryptic, and it's important to know how drink your Holy Tea at the right times to get the best effects, and why you should.

The directions on the label tell you to drink your Holy Tea with meals. You can drink the Holy Tea on its own if you wish, but when you drink it just before a meal it helps the food pass through your small intestine more easily and reduces the chance that you will suffer from acid reflux or heartburn.

Two of the herbal ingredients in Holy Tea, Marsh Mallow and Malva Leaf, help coat your esophagus and intestines with a slippery natural plant substance called mucilage which protects the delicate linings and helps soothe any irritation from spicy foods, stomach acids, and parasites.

Acid reflux or "heartburn" is caused by food being regurgitated from the stomach up into the esophagus, where the stomach acid covering some of the undigested food can cause a painful burning of the lining of the esophagus. Drinking the Holy Tea before a meal can help reduce any irritation caused by ingredients in the food or from stomach acids moving up into the esophagus. This is a better solution than taking an antacid to neutralize the stomach acid, for that would also inhibit the proper digestion of the food in the stomach and send only partially digested food through your intestines.

Remember that drinking Holy Tea on its own between meals (such as before bedtime) may at times cause soft stools or "loose stools". Do not worry, this is NOT diarrhea, which is very light brown or yellowish in color, looks oily or shiny, and floats - and is VERY smelly. Loose stools are just stools that are softer and smaller than usual. They may be a dark brown or contain black patches. The stools may have a more foul smell because they contain stinky gasses like hydrogen sulphide released by intestinal bacteria acting on undigested food; or because they may contain more of the old and rotten material that is being removed from the layers of impacted fecal matter (mucoid plaque) which have built up over the years in your colon and small intestine.

It is GOOD to be removing that toxic waste! That is what Holy Tea is meant to do! But if you do not wish to have loose stools, drink your Holy Tea just before or just after you eat some food - not on its own. Or drink a little less Holy Tea until your stools return to normal (the diameter of a normal stool is half the width of your wrist, and it should be as firm as toothpaste from a tube).

You will get the best results if you keep drinking your Holy Tea. It is better to lower the dosage for a while by drinking less per day than to stop drinking it entirely.

Does Holy Thistle Help Protect the Liver from Cirrhosis?

This question puts us into an awkward position...

It is unlawful to make any health claims for a product which is not classed as a drug. The U.S. FDA does not allow us to say our product prevents, treats, or cures any disease. So we refer you to this report on the Mayo Clinic website which rates some scientific studies of the compound called silymarin found in Holy Thistle and its benefits to patients with cirrhosis and hepatitis.

What Are Other Names for "Holy Thistle"?

Now that's an interesting question that has MANY answers! Plants and herbs often have many different names, each given by the local culture where they are found and used, so it can often be confusing. The botanical name of a plant in the Latin language is the only name that is universally recognized by all cultures and remains the same in all languages.

The botanical name of Holy Thistle is Silybum marianum. An important chemical compound found in Holy Thistle is Silymarin, which is believed to support protection and regeneration of the liver.

Dr. Miller's Holy Tea originally had another name, but in recent years came to be named after a primary ingredient called Holy Thistle which is most commonly known as Milk Thistle or Blessed Milk Thistle. We hope the following will help clear up any confusion about the many and varied names for the plant Silybum marianum which Dr. Miller refers to as Holy Thistle.

The following is an excerpt from the Mayo Clinic web site report on studies of Milk Thistle (Silybum marianum) which lists these names as synonyms for Milk Thistle, which is the most commonly used name for Holy Thistle...

Bull thistle, cardo blanco, Cardui mariae fructus, Cardui mariae herba, Cardum marianum L., Carduus marianus L., Chardon-Marie, emetic root, flavonolignans, Frauendistel, Fructus Silybi mariae, fruit de chardon Marie, heal thistle, holy thistle, isosilibinin, isosilybin, kanger, kocakavkas, kuub, lady's thistle, Legalon®, Marian thistle, mariana mariana, Mariendistel, [Marienkörner], Mary thistle, mild thistle, milk ipecac, natursil, natursilum, Our Lady's thistle, pig leaves, royal thistle, shui fei ji, silidianin, Silybi mariae fructus, silybin, silybinin, Silybum marianum , silychristin, silymarin, snake milk, sow thistle, St. Mary's thistle, thisylin, Venue thistle, variegated thistle, wild artichoke.

The Mayo Clinic excerpt cited above appears to have a typo error in one of the German names, which we believe refers to Marienkörner, so we have inserted this name in square brackets where the illegible name appears. The capital L. after a name is an abbreviated notation for "Latin" which indicates that the name is written in the ancient Latin language. Sometimes the L. appears before the name, for example: L. Silybum marianum.

Note that Carduus marianus, a Latin name for Milk Thistle listed above is not the same plant as Carduus benedictus which is another ingredient of Holy Tea named Blessed Thistle (not to be confused with Blessed Milk Thistle, which is yet another name for Holy Thistle). Blessed Thistle is sometimes referred to as Milk Thistle because it also stimulates milk production in nursing women, but it is not the same plant as Holy Thistle whose official botanical name in Latin is Silybum marianum.

In Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia an article about Silybum marianum refers to it as Blessed Milk Thistle and lists these many other names for Holy Thistle...

"It has a large number of other common names, such as Marian Thistle, Mary Thistle, Mediterranean Milk Thistle and Variegated Thistle. Trade or commercial names under which this herb is sold include Silymarin, Milk Thistle Extract, Milk Thistle Super Complex, Milk Thistle Phytosome, Alcohol Free Milk Thistle Seed, Milk Thistle Plus, Silymarin Milk Thistle, Milk Thistle Power, Time Release Milk Thistle Power, and Thisilyn Standardized Milk Thistle Extract."

Holy Thistle goes by many other names in different languages. Some we have found are...

Akùb, Artichnuat sauvage, cardo blanco, cardo de burro, cardo mariano, carduo mariano, chardon argente, chardon-marie, fruit de chardon marie, lait de Notre Dame, épine blanche, fructus cardui mariae, kharshat barri, khorfeish, kocakavkas, kuub, máriatövis-termés, mariazami, Frauendistelfrüchte, Mariendistel, Mariendistelfrüchte, Marienkörner, Silberdistil, maritighal, pternix, shawkeddiman, silybe, silybon, and silybum.


Holy Tea is a Cathartic

Holy Tea contains some natural herbs which act as a cathartic. In medical terminology, a cathartic is a substance which ACCELERATES defecation.

By contrast, a laxative is a substance which EASES defecation, usually by making the stools softer. Many products sold as "laxatives" are both a laxative and a cathartic. Holy Tea is both a mild laxative and a mild cathartic, but does not contain harsh cathartics like Cassia Senna or Cascara Sagrada. These two strong cathartics used in many commercial laxative products and medications can cause bowel dependency, but Holy Tea does not.

In some special cases, speeding up the flow of digestive waste is not what your doctor would advise under the circumstances. We advise you to consult your health care professional before using Holy Tea if you fall into any of the following groups.

Women who are pregnant or nursing, persons who are elderly or very young, and persons with an existing medical condition or undergoing treatment with drugs should consult their personal physician before using Holy Tea or any herbal product. (Make a copy of the Ingredients to show to your doctor, if necessary.)


IMPORTANT: Do not drink Holy Tea less than two hours before and after you take any prescription drugs, medications, or birth control pills - to allow them enough time to be absorbed. When taking birth control pills wait an extra 2 hours before drinking Holy Tea (i.e. 4 hours). It may be convenient to take your birth control pill at bedtime, at least 4 hours after the last drink of Holy Tea.

The detoxifying effects of the Holy Tea might inhibit the effectiveness of the drugs or medications you are taking. Allow at least 2 hours to permit the drugs to be absorbed before you drink any more Holy Tea.

The Holy Tea stimulates your body to get rid of drug residues, and can have the same effect on prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications that you WANT to help with your healing.

NOTE: This warning does NOT apply to natural vitamin and mineral supplements or natural herbal supplements or herbal remedies, but only to "man-made" synthetic drugs which are not recognized by your body as "natural" substances. If it's a FOOD, the warning does not apply. If it's a DRUG, then don't drink Holy Tea in the same two-hour time period.

Suggested Use of Holy Tea

The directions tell you to drink your Holy Tea with a meal, twice per day. We suggest that you drink the Holy Tea shortly before eating food or shortly after eating. Drinking any liquid while eating will dilute the stomach acid which is supposed to be digesting the food.

Although the directions on the label tell you to drink your Holy Tea with meals, you CAN drink Holy Tea on its own. But if you drink it with a meal it helps the food move through the small intestine and reduces the risk of acid reflux which is actually caused by partially digested food being regurgitated up from the stomach into the esophagus, where the stomach acid covering the food particles can burn the delicate lining of the esosphagus.

Taking antacids to neutralize the stomach acid just makes it harder for your food to be digested properly, and may keep it in the stomach even longer.

Drink about 8 ounces of Holy Tea with meals like breakfast and supper, or lunch and supper. It is best to drink your Holy Tea with the two largest meals of the day. You can also drink an extra 4 ounces of Holy Tea with an afternoon snack or light lunch if you wish.

Also drink your Holy Tea when you have consumed too much food during a meal at some special occasion. It can help avoid indigestion, cramps and bloating.

And drink some Holy Tea when you have consumed too much alcohol, which can cause dehydration when the colon is not able to draw the proper amount of water from the feces while dealing with the alcohol (which can cause diarrhea). It may help minimize the effects of a hangover. Also drink lots of water. Drinking coffee to try to stay alert only increases the degree of dehydration because caffeine is a diuretic.

When you first start drinking Holy Tea, we suggest that you start slow to let your body get used to it. Start with one glass per day with a meal to start detoxing slowly, then over the next few days gradually increase the amount per day to the recommended two glasses per day, one with each of two meals. If you are not seeing or feeling any results within a week, gradually increase the amount until you do.

Holy Tea can be taken cold, warm, or hot - and even makes a nice "iced tea" for the hot summer months. But it is healthier to drink liquids at a temperature close to body temperature, not too hot and not ice cold.

Remember to drink lots of water - at least eight 8-ounce glasses or 64 ounces (2 quarts or 2 litres) per day, especially while detoxing. You can count your glasses of Holy Tea as part of your daily water intake, but you should NOT count any beverage with caffeine, such as coffee, because the caffeine can cause more water to be lost than the beverage itself provides.

If you need to drink more or less of your Holy Tea beverage, you are free to do so. But remember that it is a detoxifying tea, so it is possible to experience a little discomfort during the first few days when your body is going through the initial cleansing and elimination of accumulated toxins and old waste material. You might feel things moving in your gut, or have a little cramping as things that were stuck start moving out.

When you consider that doctors say 85 to 95 percent of all human diseases result from an unhealthy colon filled with impacted toxic waste, bad bacteria, yeast, fungus, and parasites, it is certainly worth some possible short-term discomfort to help avoid some really painful digestive disorders and other debilitating ailments!

Cleaning your colon and digestive tract is essential to maintaining good health and a long, active life. Keep drinking your Holy Tea according to the directions, and soon enough you will be feeling the positive effects of detoxifying your body - such as more energy, more mental clarity and focus, and perhaps relief from some ailments that were being caused by toxins, bacteria, yeast, and parasites.

After starting to drink Holy Tea you will likely be going to the bathroom more frequently. Don't worry, you won't have to run to the bathroom! And don't worry about having an embarrassing "accident".

Holy Tea does not cause diarrhea or watery stools, though it will probably make your stools softer and perhaps smaller or thinner. If they get too thin or watery, reduce the amount of Holy Tea you are drinking per day. Eating an apple can help absorb excess moisture in the colon. which helps make the stools firmer.

Remember that some of the herbal ingredients in Holy Tea have a mild but very effective laxative and cathartic effect, and drinking too much Holy Tea can sometimes result in soft stools, especially if you drink it too long before or after eating some food.

Holy Tea is very effective, yet more gentle than most colon cleansing teas, or colon cleansing and detoxifying products.

You will just be getting a natural urge to go more often than before - perhaps two to three times per day. That is NORMAL. Going once every second or third day is NOT NORMAL and not healthy. Going only once per week, or even less frequently, means you would be wise to call your doctor as soon as possible.

But if you are drinking Holy Tea, your constipation is likely to be relieved rather quickly, perhaps overnight. After a while, you may also see a reduction in the number of times you suffer from acid reflux, heartburn, abdominal cramps, and excess gas or bloating. After using Holy Tea for a time, you might see these ailments just disappear as your colon and small intestine are restored to their normal healthy state.

It is unlawful to make any "health claims" for any herbal product, so we cannot imply that Holy Tea will prevent, treat, or cure any disease. It merely supports your body in restoring itself to an optimal healthy state.

Restoring "Regularity"

You might think that sitting on the toilet two or three times a day would be inconvenient and would take up too much time. But think about this... after drinking Holy Tea your bowel movements will be comfortable, quick and easy.

If you were constipated before, you may have set up a magazine rack in the bathroom because you would have lots of time to read while sitting "on the throne". Or maybe when you went to the bathroom at a social event, you would be gone so long that a search party came looking for you!

Please understand that it won't be that way anymore. The hardship has passed. You can live like a "regular" person now.

Though Holy Tea is gentle, it also acts very quickly. You may feel that something has changed the same day or the next day. In a few days or a week you may notice you are feeling somewhat better.

You may seem more "focused" or "clear headed" and may seem to have more energy to do things. Instead of avoiding doing things you really would like to do because you were just "too tired" to do them, you may find that you have more energy to do things and can live life to the fullest.

If you have been suffering from food allergies; or over-sensitivity to tobacco smoke, perfumes, or chemicals in the air; or allergies to pollen and grasses, then your might find that your allergic reactions have lessened or gone away. The Candida yeast can release over 70 types of allergens and this MIGHT have been the underlying cause of your allergies. Allergens from Candida yeast can cause symptoms of itching, hives, skin rashes, nasal congestion, cough, bronchitis, asthma, and irritable bowel syndrome.

If an overgrowth of yeast or a Candida infection has been the root cause of female cycle disorders or male dysfunction then you might see things improve as the yeast overgrowth is brought back to normal levels. You might have more interest and more energy when it comes to your sex life.

As your colon is cleansed of more and more of the layers of mucoid plaque that restricts the movement of waste, and your digestive tract returns to optimal health, the waste will start passing through you more quickly, as it should. This will greatly reduce the degree of autointoxification so that less toxins are being absorbed into your body.

Eventually you may find that you are eliminating food you ate only 12 to 15 hours earlier, and you will be going to the bathroom two or three times a day, perhaps after every meal. Just like a healthy baby with a brand-new, clean colon!

Welcome to the world of "normal". It's just too hard to be constipated!

And welcome to The Holy Tea Club!

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Holy Tea Movie with Testimonials

Kim Creasey of Lexington, TN, lost 100 pounds in 10 months with Dr. Miller's Holy Tea, entered a beauty contest and was selected over girls 15 years younger. Dr. Miller's Holy Tea may also be used as an element in any Weight Loss Program and is much more effective than Chinese Tea or Green Tea or Wu Long Tea or Rooibos Tea. Just drinking Holy Tea regularly often results in a reduction in the amount of stored fat in the body, and a significant reduction in the size of the abdomen or belly. For some people, the weight loss has been achieved quickly and rather dramatically (see the Holy Tea Testimonials), but individual results will vary.

When the excess weight is actually from pounds of impacted fecal matter stuck to the inside wall of the rectum, colon and small intestine, no amount of dieting or fat loss or exercise can reduce the size of the belly.  But Holy Tea can!
If you have bloat, midriff bulge, a "beer belly", a "pot belly", or a protruding abdomen, then drinking Holy Tea can help you shed pounds and lose inches around your waist, without dieting or changing your eating habits.  (See Bulging Bellies.)

Dr. Miller's fat burner product is designed for rapid weight loss. The fat burner capsules can be taken in conjunction with drinking Holy Tea as part of a weight loss program. (Available soon.)

Dr. Miller's Holy Tea is a safe, mild, all-natural, detoxifying health tea. It is gentle in its action, yet more effective than most other colon cleansing teas and products, laxatives, and detoxifiers. Holy Tea has a dual action: (1) colon cleanse, and (2) whole body detoxifier. It's also a very good-tasting herbal detox tea which is simple to use - you just drink 8 ounces twice per day with meals!

No restrictive detox diet, no diet pills, no fasting, no harsh laxatives, and no complicated procedures. Just take the Tea. You don't even have to drink it with meals, but doing so could help provide relief from heartburn or acid reflux.

Holy Tea LOOKS like any other herbal tea, but don't be fooled. Just two of those Holy Tea bags make ONE GALLON of Holy Tea - an 8-DAY supply! And this is a HEALING TEA. Most people feel positive effects within a week, and often within a day or two!

See for yourself! Order a one-week Sample Pack of Holy Tea for USD $12.49 plus a shipping fee of $2.51 to the USA, Canada, Mexico, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, or any country in the world! Click here to visit the Holy Tea online store.

For information on buying Holy Tea contact  Michael Star  at 905-891-7436  (11 AM to 11 PM Eastern Time).

Click here to BUY Holy Tea on-line at USD $49.95 retail price for a one-month supply (8 bags make 4 gallons or 16 litres). For 1 to 12 packages S&H is $5 to USA, Alaska, Hawaii, US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico; S&H $9 to Canada and Mexico, and S&H $11 to Central America, Caribbean Islands, South America, the U.K., Europe, and all other countries. (See Holy Tea Club info below to buy at wholesale price with reduced or free shipping.)

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Who Needs Holy Tea? | Testimonials | Ingredients | Directions | FAQ
Colon Health | Digestive Tract | Liver & Kidneys | Dr Miller
Holy Tea Movie with Testimonials

People need to know about this wonderful Holy Tea - especially in the United States, where Irritable Bowel Syndrome cannot be cured, diabetes is rampant, the incidence of allergies is accelerating while the cause remains unknown, and over-the-counter drugs are a multi-billion dollar business. We ask: "Where is the HEALTH?"

In the USA huge amounts of money are being spent on...

  • Antacids: $1 billion
  • Laxatives: $850 to $900 million
  • Antihermorrhoidals: $250 million
  • Antidiarrheals: $100 million

Why is the U.S.A. the world leader in deaths by cancer and nearly every other disease; while China has 1.5 billion people who remain healthy simply by drinking tea? Dr. Miller has a patented Tea, but not just any tea. This Holy Tea not only has an enzyme that works on the toxic waste in the small and large intestines, but on every organ in the body. Each organ is directly connected to the colon, either directly or through the bloodstream.

We have the choice to drink a marvelous Holy Tea which will provide us with health and clarity and a new outlook on life - or to continue to look forward to every kind of illness one can imagine.

If you're sick and tired of being sick and tired, it's time to try Dr. Miller's Holy Tea!

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The content of this Holy Tea Directions for Use article is intended "for educational purposes only" and should not be construed as medical advice. The contents are not written by Dr. Miller, and you are advised to check the recommendations in the official Dr. Miller's Holy Tea Club web site.

Holy Tea is a natural food, not a drug, and this general information is not intended to provide any diagnosis, treatment, or cure. If you have a medical condition, consult your personal physician or health care practitioner.

This food product contains natural herbs which act as a cathartic (i.e. increases rate of waste excretion). Women who are pregnant or nursing, elderly persons, young children, and individuals suffering from any illness or health condition should consult with their personal physician prior to using this or any herbal supplement.

Holy Tea stimulates your body to detoxify itself by eliminating all toxins and foreign substances, which may include drug residues and even current pharmaceutical drug medications. If you are taking medications, we suggest you do not drink Holy Tea for two hours before and after you take your medication, to avoid weakening the effect of the drugs.

The Holy Tea user testimonials quoted in this article and recorded testimonies shown in the online video are anecdotal and may not represent typical results. Individual results will vary.

The FDA does not review health products which are sold as a dietary supplement. (Holy Tea is a natural food, not a drug.)
As required by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA):
"These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease."

Disclaimer: Do not take Dr. Miller's Holy Tea as a substitute for medical treatment. Always follow the advice of your doctor or personal physician.

Some common alternate spellings and misspellings: Chron's Disease = Crohn's Disease; Chrons = Chron's; haemorrhoids = hemorrhoids; hemhorroids = hemorrhoids; iratible bowel = irritable bowel; faeces = feces; diarrea = diarrhea; diarrhoea = diarrhea; laxitive = laxative; stooles = stools; flatulents = flatulence; mucous = mucus; caffine = caffeine; wholistic = holistic; directions = instructions; Dr. Millers = Dr. Miller's; Holly Tea = Holy Tea; Wholy Tea = Holy Tea

Why People Use
Dr. Miller's

  • weight loss
  • reducing a bulging belly (bloating)
  • increased energy
  • increased clarity and concentration
  • better sleep
  • clear, soft and younger-looking skin
  • strengthened immune system and resistance to disease
  • body detox / colon detox
  • nicotine detox / cocaine detox
  • eliminating heavy metals
  • colon cleanse / colon health
  • getting rid of intestinal parasites such as amoebae, worms and flukes
  • Candida yeast infection / Candida cleanse
  • food cravings / sugar cravings
  • clearing out nicotine and harmful chemicals from second-hand smoke
  • stop smoking aid
  • clearing out pharmaceutical drug residues
  • clearing out recreational drug residues
  • clearing out aspartame and its byproducts
  • indigestion
  • heartburn
  • acid reflux (GERD)
  • stomach ache or stomach cramping
  • irregularity
  • chronic constipation
  • hard stools
  • painful bowel movements
  • hemorrhoids
  • irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
  • Crohn's disease
  • colitis and enterocolitis
  • diverticulitis
  • ileitis
  • leaky bowel syndrome
  • chronic diarrhea
  • bad body odor
  • bad breath or halitosis
  • belching
  • chronic cough
  • excess gas
  • foul flatulence
  • skin rash or dermatitis
  • eczema
  • psoriasis
  • acne
  • itchy skin or scalp
  • scaley skin or scalp
  • dandruff (seborrhea)
  • food allergies
  • hay fever and allergies
  • migraine headaches
  • fibromyalgia
  • arthritis or joint pain
  • premature aging
  • high blood pressure
  • high cholesterol
  • healthy colon
  • healthy liver
  • healthy kidneys
  • healthy lungs
  • general wellness
  • good for diabetics

Dr. Miller's
fat burner
capsules for weight loss.

Dr. Miller's
Holy Tea
is made in the USA
from pesticide-free herbs grown in the U.S.A.
Beware of unauthorized imitations using cheap, low-quality ingredients.

Dr. Miller's
Holy Tea
is distributed world-wide exclusively by the
Holy Tea Club

Directions for Use are enclosed in each packet of two tea bags.

BUY Holy Tea
One-week Sample Pack $12.49
shipped world-wide for $2.51.