John Walker


Specializing in geomagnetism, space weather, transit, political representation and governance.

88 Starwood Rd. Nepean, ON, Canada K2G 1Z5

1. Senate Accountability, Fairer Representation and Governance for Canada. Updated Jun. 21, 2006.

2. A Strong Parliament for Ontario. 2007

3. Fair Representation and Governance for Ottawa. Updated Dec. 1, 2006

4. A Ten-Borough Model with Metro, Regional and Local Governments for an Ottawa Capital District.

5. A comparison of the different proposals for Ottawa-Carleton governance. Updated Feb. 9, 2002.

6. Optimizing Ottawa’s Transit System. Updated 25 Apr. 2012

7. Optimizing Toronto’s Core Transit System. 2 May 2012

8. Mitigating Power, Oil and Climate Disasters. Updated Jan 23, 2008.

9. A concept for an International Exposition by Ottawa's Chaudière Falls . Updated Nov. 8, 2004.

10. Recreational pathways along the Rideau and Jock Rivers. Updated Mar. 27, 2002.

11. A center for the amateur performing arts for Ottawa. Updated Oct. 3, 2000.

12. A Viable Health Care System for Canadians. Updated Jan 10, 2008

13. Optimizing sounds of an orchestra.

14.HF ionospheric absorption, typical ionization, conductivity and possible synoptic heating parameters. (Abstract: copies are available.)

15. Synoptic models of high latitude magnetic activity and equivalent ionospheric and induced currents. (Abstract. Reprints are available.)

16. Space weather: synoptic modeling of the E region electrodynamics. Updated Oct. 3, 2003.

17. Cat (sailing) photo gallery. Updated Oct. 31, 2000.

18.Valentine Redig and Maude Kent's ancestors and family. Updated Mar. 14, 2004.

19. Frank Walker and Fairy Masters' ancestors and family Updated Oct 10, 2004

20. The families of Adam Gorr and Elizabeth Rausch and Mary and John Leinweber. Updated Aug. 2004.

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