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wpeF.jpg (13567 bytes)Romulus & Remus

Nylon spinnaker, electric fans: 100 x 72 x 100cm. 2006.







wpeB.jpg (61181 bytes)Trio in a Box 

Nylon spinnaker, fan, corrugate box, each inflatable figure: 2 meters tall, 2006.









wpe11.jpg (14096 bytes)Blow

Nylon spinnaker, fans, each inflatable figure: 2 meters tall, 2004.









silenus.jpg (21011 bytes)Sleeping Giants (Silenus)

Nylon spinnaker, electric fans, each inflatable figure: 8 meters tall, 2002.


Click ZedTV for Video of Silenus at the Edmonton Art Gallery.






innocents.jpg (11866 bytes)Innocenti

Tyvek (synthetic paper), each figure: 5 x  1.5 x 2.5m, 2003.


"Il Palazzo del Liberta", Palazzo delle Papesse, Siena, Italy, 2003.










wpe7.jpg (16838 bytes)Sleeping Giants

Tyvek, electric blowers, each figure: 7.5 meters tall, 1998.


Sleeping Giants Catalogue essay by Gordon Hatt:

 Max Streicher: this flesh...






wpe23.jpg (21524 bytes)Balancing Act

Tyvek, electric fans; life-size figures,1995.


Palmovca Synagogue installation, Prague, Czech Republic, 1996.

A timing mechanism alternates the flow of air between the figures every 45 seconds. 









wpe17.jpg (18477 bytes)Boiler:

Tyvek, electric fans, 450 cm. 1992.


 Naked State exhibition,The Power Plant, Toronto, 1995.










wpe9.jpg (12071 bytes)Quartet in a Box:

Tyvek electric fans, figures: 190 cm tall; 1995.

Installation with Pleasure Dome: Tyvek, 3Meter diameter, Pyramida Gallery, Haifa, Israel.




quartet_detail.jpg (21650 bytes)Quartet in a Box, detail

Tyvek electric fans, figures: 190 cm tall; 1995.




Contact: Maxs (at) istar (dot) ca